cs The 6' and 7' sizes are typically found in bars
and pubs, they are great for those where space is an issue.
6 7
A - 11' x 13.5'
B - 11.5' x 14'
C - 12.5 x 15'
A - 11.5' x 14.5'
B - 12' x 15'
C - 13' x 16'
The 8' Pro if you just don't have quite enough space for the 9'.
The 8' Home size is a great size for family fun.

The optimal distance to have from rail of the table to the wall is 5' on each
side to the table. This will
allow for the best possible
stance and cue stroking
without hitting the wall.

A smaller space or obstacle, such as a pole or cabinet maybe dealt
with by using a shorter cue. A piece of furniture like a sofa usually
isn't a problem as you can just shoot right over the top. You still
want to have enough space to play comfortablely without feeling
cramped.These short cues are also great for children .

Cue Sizes:
57"-58" is considered to be the standard size cue.
A is the room size needed if you wish to use 48" cue sticks
B is the room size needed if you wish to use 52" cue sticks
C is the room size needed if you wish to use 57"-58" cue sticks

8h 8o
A - 12' X 15.5''
B - 12.5' x 16'
C - 13' x 17'
A - 12' x 16'
B - 12.5' x 16'
C - 13.5' x 17.5'
9' is the official tournament size, for those who want a professional game.
A - 12' x 16.5'
B - 13' x 17'
C - 14' x 18'
Click here for a printable version
of these measurements.
Please call to speak to one of our experts to help you decide what size table is best for you.
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