You still want to have enough space to play comfortablely without feeling
cramped. These short cues are also great for children.
A=48" cue

B=52" cue

C=57" cue
A-11' x 13.5'
B-11.5' x 14'
C-12.5 x 15'
A-11.5' x 14.5'
B-12' x 15
C-13' x 16'
A - 12' X 15.5'
B - 12.5' x 16'
C - 13' x 17
The optimal distance to
have from rail of the
table to the wall is 5' on
each side to the table,
to allow for cue stroking
without hitting the wall.
A - 12' x 16'
B - 12.5' x 16'
C - 13.5' x 17.5'
A - 12' x 16.5'
B - 13' x 17'
C - 14' x 18'
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