Dine and Play

You want a pool table, she wants a dining table. If you do not enough room for both, you no longer have to decide between them. Get the best of both in one. Transforms from dining table to pool table in seconds. Have a wounderful diner party with some close friends, then enjoy after diner drinks over a game of pool.

The sleek and contemporary design of the Fusion Table is available in polished Stainless Steel or a Powder-Coated finish. Powder-Coated also available in Black or White. All have choice of finish on the wood top rail. The table's compact size makes it perfect for smaller living spaces. Great for city apartments. The outside measures 52.8" x 90.6" with a playing area of 37.8" x 75.6"

  • To maintain the sleek profile of the table's frame, the pockets are made out of a unique nylon stretch memory cloth, that expands to hold the balls.

  • Dining top is small and light. The sections are small and can store anywhere.

  • With the Ball Slides in place the balls can be stored right inside the pockets without any stetching.

  • With just once click of the easy-lift mechanism go from dining height to pool height or back again in seconds

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Hamilton Billiards

Hamilton tables are hand made in England. They are offered in many traditional and modern styles. They can be ordered as Pool or Snooker tables. Available in many finishes and sizes to fit any decor.

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