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Company History

Stuck in a time warp to a by-gone era, Blatt Billiards is a rare find for someone looking for old-world craftsmanship in our modern, fast-paced, computer controlled world. Using a combination of new and old equipment, some tools made by hand specifically for a particular task, Blatt’s craftsmen create works of art that aren’t duplicated.

It was the roaring twenties; the money and the speakeasy-booze were flowing as freely as the Colorado river. F. Scott Fitzgerald was soaking up the nightlife that would become the cornerstone of his master- piece. And New York City had more than 2,000 pool hall parlors. That was the era into which Blatt Billiards was born. In 1923, the company began crafting pool cues and billiard balls by hand, establishing the foundation of the company that is now known throughout the world as the finest manufacturer of handcrafted custom billiard tables.

In its early history, Blatt Billiards serviced and supplied the numerous New York area pool halls during the economic highs of the 1920’s and the lows that followed during the Great Depression. The company continued in the business carefully watching it’s finances and with hard-work ethic. When America shipped its young men overseas during World War II, Blatt Billiards survived, even as the city’s pool halls were empty.

The company helped it’s loyal customers stay in business during the rough times by cleaning and reversing the surface cloth – for a fee of five bucks, payable over time, if need be. Because the loss of the male customer base brought on by the war caused most of New York’s pool halls to close Blatt Billiards was in a position to accumulate a vast collection of pool tables bought from bankrupt poolroom owners.

And so it was, during these rough times that the company accumulated the largest collection of antique pool tables in the world. Possessing this vast collection; restoring and selling these old masterpieces ex- posed construction techniques that were long passed over for quicker construction methods. Blatt Billiards embraced the strength and artistry of the old masters; adopting many of these techniques as its own. From these times, and because the company chose the best practices in manufacturing, Blatt Billiards designs, builds and delivers its pool tables all over the world.

In 2014, Blatt Billiards opened its newest store at 330 West 38th street and moved its manufacturing to Wood-Ridge, New Jersey. Its new, larger New York showroom displays 65 pool tables, including antique tables, Blatt’s own custom crafted tables, the new Blatt Broadway semi-custom lineup, and the largest selection of pool cues from the finest makers in the country. Furthermore, their is also a larger selection of Brunswick pool tables. Blatt is, in fact, the 2nd oldest Brunswick retailer in America. It is Brunswick that established the billiard business in America in 1845; and many of the antique tables that Blatt owns are old masterpieces manufactured by Brunswick in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The new West-side store features an exclusive collection of museum quality lighting fixtures, perfect for the most discrimi- nating billiard room.

Blatt’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey enables the company to create it’s treasures more efficiently; still, using the same time-honored techniques that have distinguished Blatt Billiards from all others. Also at the Wood-Ridge facility is Blatt’s warehouse housing nearly 3,000 antique pool tables, new pool tables and a company retail store.

Architects, designers and connoisseurs of the game have been acquiring the finest pool tables from us for more than 91 years.

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