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Throughout history, the origin and evolution of
"The Noble Game" of billiards has been shrouded in mystery and subject to conjecture. Victor Stein and Paul Rubino have unearthed the roots of this ancient pastime, from rite to ritual to sport, and from ground billiards to table billiards, utilizing rare material from collections and institutions around the world. The 3rd Edition of The Billiard Encyclopedia is a visually stunning landmark publication, unprecedented in size and scope. This Revised Edition has 640 pages, replete with the fullest historical account of the development of the game, it's implements and artifacts. The Third Edition, along with Volumes I & II, now represents more than twenty years of worldwide research, and the study of thousands of rare billiard artifacts and collectables. The Encyclopedia is more than an art book, a history book, or a sporting reference. In it's pages we find not only a national history, but a world history chronicled in concise and perceptive prose. Many of the rarest illustrations and images come from The Encyclopedia's own archive, and bring to light the glorious past of this enormously popular world sport. From primeval times to the present day, man has played games with a stick and a ball. Billiards in it's contemporary incarnation is played by several hundred million people around the world. It has been one of the most popular games played by all echelons of society for well over 700 years. The story of the game's origin is fascinating not only for billiard aficionados, but for anyone interested in art, history, sport, craftsmanship, collectables, and world culture. The discoveries and information presented in this volume trace not only the development of the game, but also the extent to which it had an effect on the societies that adopted it. The Billiard Encyclopedia examines history that was lost, not readily available, or never before documented. While there have been books written on the subject over the centuries, none provides such a comprehensive and lavishly illustrated chronology of the game. Here for the first time, it is possible to view, study, and compare a very broad range of billiard artifacts and hundreds of images from many eras in a single volume. These images, in conjunction with the text, create a work that is unparalleled in it's visual beauty and invaluable as an authoritative reference.

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