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The Blatt & Brunswick Billiard Collection

Blatt Billiards is a certified seller and custom crafter of Brunswick tables.
Give us a call at 212-674-8855 to schedule a consult today!
98 years of business. 21 base models. We're basically family.

Brunswick Classic Collection

Looking for something old school, a game with gravitas?
Classic Brunswick tables with Old World charm and a feeling of luxury. Work with us to customize your ideal Brunswick billiards game room.

Brunswick Contemporary Collection

Modern, sleek and here to make a statement?
Take a look at our Brunswick contemporary collection, full of modern pool tables for almost any room, whether it's a decked-out den or a luxury office lounge.

Brunswick Industrial Collection

Need a billiards table with some grit and guts? 
Industrial Brunswick tables are practical, sturdy and modern. Brunswick tables are cast in a variety of wood and chrome options.

Brunswick Rustic Collection

Rustic pool tables for the provincial lifestyle.
Our rustic Blatt-Brunswick billiards tables have a variety of customization options. Perfect for entertaining a gentleman's crowd.

Brunswick Art Deco/Retro Collection

Swing back to the Roaring Twenties with our Brunswick art deco and retro collection.
Our Brunswick-Blatt art deco and retro pool tables are a mix of modernity and classic aesthetics. Crisp geometric designs, Empire State style and chrome finishes feature in our art-deco/retro collection.