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Bantom Bumper Pool - Blatt Billiards
Bantom Bumper Pool - Blatt Billiards
Bantom Bumper Pool - Blatt Billiards

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom

Bantom Bumper Pool


Handcrafted To Order: 10-12 Weeks (Rush or Deadline Orders Available Upon Review) 

The Bantam Bumper Pool Table is designed to appeal to both adults and kids that enjoy playing pool, but do not have enough space for a standard pool table. Adult players find the Bantam very enjoyable because the lack of corner pockets opens up a whole new world of play. Multi-rail bank shots are easy and fun to make.

Outside Dimensions 

  • 37 5/8" Wide x 59" Long
  • Long Benches: 52"
  • Short Benches: 26"

Finishes & Materials 

  • Legs: See Powder Coated Options Below
  • Aprons: See Powder Coated Options Below
  • Sunbrella Play Cloth 
  • Contact Our Design Team for COM
  • Slate Playfield 


  • The three yellow balls and three red balls are racked up in the center of the table with the black ball in the middle. Players can toss a coin or defer the break to their opponent out of kindness. Breaking from behind the line, if the player makes a ball on the break, they can choose either color as theirs, and keep shooting. Failing to make a ball on the break gives the opponent their turn at the table, first shooting from where the balls lay.
  • Calling shots is unnecessary, but the player has to contact one of their colored balls first with the cue ball whenever they make a shot. If the player has contacted one of his balls first, anything that falls (in either pocket) entitles the shooter to keep going until they have pocketed all three of their colored balls, at which point they can shoot directly at the black ball.
  • Pocketing the black ball in either pocket at any time, as long as they have hit one of their balls first, or all their balls are pocketed, is considered a win. Lucky bounces do count!
  • As in all pool games, failing to contact one of your balls first with the cue ball, or Pocketing the cue ball, is a foul, which gives the opponent ball-in-hand.


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