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5 Game Room Ideas Sure to Entertain

by Brian Roeder |

Owning a home is all about putting your space to good use. If you’ve got a spare room or an empty basement just waiting for some attention, what better way to use the space than to turn it into the game room you dreamed of as a kid?

Whether you like the idea of a Vegas-themed space, a vintage arcade, or the combination of a game room with some adult twists (drinks, anyone?), you’ve come to the right place!  Keep reading for five of the top ideas for transforming your space into the ultimate fun entertainment room in your home.


1. Ultimate Adult Gaming Room

adult gaming room

Who says being an adult means you can’t have fun? What better way to unwind after a hectic day than to escape into your ultimate adult gaming room, filled with all sorts of games that will keep you and your friends busy for hours.

First things first: No adult gaming room is complete without a pool table. Pool is the go-to at-home game for adults who want to show off their competitive side. Before investing in a pool table, ensure that your space is suitable for one. Ideally, you need no less than a 14’ by 18’ room. Don’t forget cue racks and other must-have accessories!

Once you’ve found the perfect pool table, another must-have in your adults-only space is a poker table. Figure out who has the best poker face and call bluffs all night long! When setting up a poker table, be sure to have ample space for rolling chairs.


2. Corner Cocktail Bar

Cocktail pub table

Sticking with the adult theme, another must-have in your game room is a corner cocktail bar. This is a great option for spaces that can’t accommodate a full bar. Making use of empty corners allows you to use up as much real estate as possible without making the space feel stuffy or cluttered.

A small pub table with a few stools and bar stools looks nice and creates a little nook for enjoying the finest spirits. If space is super limited, you can easily get away with a corner table to hold your favorite bottles along with a few glasses. Don’t forget the ice bucket!


3. Kid-Friendly Games

air hockey table

Game rooms aren’t just for adults! If you want to create a space that both adults and kids alike can enjoy for hours at a time, turn your space into the ultimate fun room with kid-friendly games, such as table tennis, air hockey, and more. Who doesn’t love a little parent vs. kids action?

Space out each game so that there is plenty of room to accommodate a busy area. This way, the room doesn’t feel congested and everyone can play the game that most interests them. Other games that the whole family can enjoy include:

  • Foosball
  • Cornhole
  • Darts

If your space allows it, you can even install a putting green! Having an at-home game room for the whole family means you can spend time together and stay active, no matter the time or weather.


4. Table Top Fun

tabletop games

Want to create a game room that’s a little less hectic? Unleash your competitive side without all the hustle and bustle by placing a few game tables throughout the space. These tables can be used to play all sorts of tabletop games, including chess, checkers, backgammon, and others.

What’s nice about tabletop games is that they’re competitive but often require critical thinking and tons of strategizing. Put your brain to work while having fun!

Aside from game tables, be sure to invest in comfortable seating. There’s nothing worse than sitting down for hours in a chair that isn’t supportive.



5. Choose the Right Accessories

pool table bench with storage

To round out your fun-filled space, don’t forget about game room furniture. As the fun and games ebb and flow, you want to provide plenty of places for family members, friends, and guests to sit down and soak in the environment.

Consider items such as:

  • Game chairs
  • Spectator chairs
  • Benches
  • Stools

This way, people can sit somewhere comfortable while waiting their turn. You can also accommodate those who want to spend time in the game room but prefer the spectator side of things.

For all of your game room needs, look no further than Blatt Billiards. We not only carry a huge inventory of pool and billiards tables but other gaming tables as well, including air hockey and ping pong tables. We also have several collections of furniture, including bar stools, pub tables, and gaming chairs, so that you can have fun in ultimate comfort.

Don’t wait to get started on your ultimate at-home game room. Check out our website to find the perfect pieces to complete your space.