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Welcome To The Family

Welcome To The Family


Established in 1923, Blatt Billiards’ mission is to provide our clients an elevated billiards pastime experience with superb quality and pride. We do this by virtue of our three core principles: superior hand craftsmanship, extraordinary customer service and our attention to billiard industry traditions.

"Handcrafted" is a term too vaguely used today. Blatt Billiards dismisses all mass construction shortcuts in favor of time-tested hand manual techniques that yield individual works of art. Here, we continue to handcraft custom pool tables the way they were crafted over a century ago. It is our willingness to take the necessary time that makes Blatt Billiards tables the finest pool tables in the world.

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Defining the Art of Woodworking

Stuck in a time warp to a bygone era, Blatt Billiards, is a rare find for someone looking for old-world craftsmanship in our modern, fast-paced, computer driven world. Using a combination of new and old equipment, some tools made by hand specifically for a particular task, Blatt Billiards' craftsmen create works of art that are never duplicated.

Blatt Billiards embraced the strength and artistry of the old masters and adopted many of these old world techniques as its own brand. Blatt Billiards became the premier designer and builder of pool tables which delivers unique custom products all over the world. Architects, designers and connoisseurs of the game have been acquiring the finest pool tables from us for a century. And counting.


Blatt Billiards is a fully owned and operated family business since 1923. Our company is derived and represented by 2 loving grandparents, their 4 children, and their 9 grandchildren. We have spent many holidays, birthdays, graduations and conversations around our Blatt Billiards Pool Tables. We believe that the only thing as great as the game of billiards are the memories we make spent together. We treat everyone who comes our way as family and we love to share our experiences and knowledge. We are proud of who we are and what we do!