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Modern Pool Table Collection

Designed for the contemporary home, our modern pool tables are defined by clean lines and refined style. Quality materials & impeccable workmanship brings our tables to the forefront of the industry.  Choose from a range of styles—from edgy to understated.

Blatt Tradition
Exquisite detailing and artistry define the Blatt Tradition collection. Made with the finest hardwoods, finishes and materials, and engineered to last, our traditional tables represent a bygone era when craftsmanship was king.
Antique Restoration Pool Tables

Blatt Billiards boasts the world’s largest collection of rare and antique pool tables. Our team lovingly restores vintage tables to their former glory. The result is remarkably authentic reincarnations of designs of the past, finished to meet the requirements of the Billiard Congress of America.

Art Deco/Retro Pool Tables

Bring nostalgia into your space with a retro or art deco-inspired pool table. Choose from a variety of expertly crafted tables perfect for restaurants, lounges, and bars. All Blatt Billiards tables are designed with rigorous engineering standards, ensuring flawless functionality. 

Industrial Pool Tables

Emphasizing uncluttered lines and mixed materials, our industrial-style pool tables impart a timeless vintage aesthetic. We offer some of the most unique designs in the industry, from the futuristic Tampa model to our tough-yet-elegant JDW concrete billiard table.

Rustic Pool Tables

Bring casual, earthy style to your home or office with a billiard table from our rustic collection. Our craftsmen use natural woods and neutral color schemes to create understated yet sophisticated game tables, blending rustic and modern elements for a fresh and grounded aesthetic.

Crystal Collection
Blatt Billiards is a proud partner, representative and friend of, IMPATIAa luxury design company based in Milan. The company specializes in bespoke, luxury game tables, handcrafted in Italy by talented artisans.
Outdoor Pool Tables

Take your game outdoors with a completely weather-proof pool table by Blatt Billiards. Custom built to order, our outdoor models are 100% resistant to the elements, including rain, sun, and snow.

Bumper Pool & Bumper Pool Conversion Tables

Complete your game room with a bumper pool table or game table. These beautifully crafted conversion tables fit into virtually any space and feature the same meticulous craftsmanship and detailing of our traditional tables.

Let Blatt Billiards Design Your Dream Game Table

Blatt Billiards is world-renowned for creating the world’s finest custom-made pool tables. It’s why connoisseurs of the game have called us “the Rolls-Royce of billiard companies.” Our team is ready to help transition your vision into reality. Contact us today for a quote at 212.674.8855 or visit one of our showrooms. Or get in touch to learn more about our designer partner programs.