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Air Hockey Game Tables

Air hockey is a game room classic we all remember from bowling alleys, kid-friendly restaurants, and the arcade. Getting family and friends up off the couch and playing this fast-paced and high-powered classic table game makes for a rewarding and active experience that keeps everyone engaged and coming back for more.

The first air-powered hockey table was invented over half a century ago, and became instantly popular for the ease of play and sheer speed of the game. Now, you can have your own full-size air hockey game table with a professional playing surface, optional sound effects, and digital scoring systems.

Air Hockey Table Features and Options

A tabletop air hockey table works by forcing air through tiny holes in the playing surface, allowing the puck to move across the table without friction on a layer of forced air. A high-quality arcade style air hockey table uses a quiet, powerful motor and durable materials to create that arcade-level playing experience.

There are inexpensive models made for kids which utilize cheaper materials and smaller puck sizes in order to compensate for less powerful air pumps. If you are interested in the true hockey air table gameplay that adults will enjoy also, you should consider a professional-quality custom table from Blatt Billiards with options like these:

  • Automatic scoring systems
  • Designs to match your game room decor
  • Flashing LED lights and arcade sound effects
  • Changeable top surfaces for dining or to play other games like table tennis
  • Adjustable, high-quality laminate legs and frames
  • Solid aluminum or thick nylon rink walls
  • Regulation and custom sizes

Air Hockey Tables with the Blatt Billiards Guarantee

All of our custom and semi-custom air hockey tables are covered by the famous Blatt Billiards guarantee. Your satisfaction is assured when you purchase a game table or convertible air hockey table from our team. You can visit our workshop in New Jersey to see our game tables being handcrafted with old-world techniques plus the latest modern options and equipment.

Designing a Custom Air Hockey Table with Blatt Billiards

Our tables include pucks and accessories and come ready to play with professional installation services available. Regulation-sized tables are usually 84 inches long and 48 inches wide, but your table can be customized to fit your available space and convertible requirements. Whether you prefer rounded corners or 90-degree angles for puck bounce back, we have the right options and solid construction you expect in heirloom-quality game tables from Blatt Billiards.

Browse our selection or contact us today to discuss your custom requirements or questions about choosing the perfect air hockey table for your own game room or business. Give us a call at 212-674-8855 for a quote on the best custom air hockey tables available from Blatt Billiards’ talented craftspeople and arcade game enthusiasts.