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Shuffleboard & Shuffleboard Conversion Tables

Shuffleboard is a favorite family game that adds hours of competitive fun for all ages. Beautiful solid wood or sleek modern shuffleboard tables from Blatt Billiards are a stylish piece of furniture that can fit in most game rooms that would hold a dining room table.

Browse our indoor shuffleboard table selections for both custom and economy options to fit your space and intended use. Learn more about table shuffleboard options and the Blatt Billiards lifetime guarantee on these high-quality game tables designed for beauty, durability, and professional-level gameplay.

Indoor Shuffleboard Tables

Shuffleboard was developed in England in the fifteenth century, evolving from a game involving sliding large coins down a table. It became popular in the US and eventually official rules for various kinds of shuffleboard games were developed.

Avid players look to master a hammer shot or side spin, but this game is easy to learn and almost anyone can play. Strategy and skill are developed over time, and multiple players can join in the same game. When choosing the right shuffleboard table for your home, quality construction is important, because a warped or unstable playing surface will drastically affect how your table plays.

Quality Construction From Blatt Billiards

Custom shuffleboard tables from Blatt Billiards are made with old-world cabinetry techniques in our New Jersey workshop. Solid wood, dovetail joints, book-matched veneers, and hand-tooled linears can make your new game table a stunning addition to your home while providing a lifetime of family enjoyment and entertainment.

Shuffleboard table tops should be at least three inches thick and made of epoxied hardwoods to resist chipping, denting, or warping in changing weather and seasons. With over 100 years of experience building furniture-quality game tables, Blatt Billiards is a premier supplier of quality shuffleboard tables in all sizes.

Types of Shuffleboard Tables Available

We offer economy pre-built and custom or semi-custom shuffleboard tables in sizes and styles to fit your game room and personal taste. These include:

  • Traditional shuffleboards, where players stand at opposite ends of the table from 9 to 22 feet long and at least 18 inches wide
  • Rebound shuffleboards, where the table is wider and shorter and players stand on the same side of the table
  • Tabletop shuffleboards, which are built without legs for use as a shuffleboard pool table topper or other stable surface

Our Game Table Guarantee

You are welcome to schedule a visit to our workshop to see our custom game tables being built in the USA. Every shuffleboard table we sell comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You can purchase the best shuffleboard table for your home with complete confidence.

Create a Custom Shuffleboard Table with Us

If you have a vision for a new shuffleboard table or other game room furniture designed and built specifically to your preferences, we will partner with you at every step of the process to create the game room and playing experience of your dreams. Choose a starting point from our custom shuffleboard table options or work with our experts to create a CAD design unique to you.

Blatt Billiards tables grace some of the most luxurious homes in the world and will bring the same level of quality and customer service to you and your family. Our workshop team will build your custom table with the time-tested methods and dedication to quality that make Blatt Billiards famous in the industry. Call us for a no-obligation quote today at 212-674-8855.