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How Much Does It Cost to Restore a Pool Table?

by David Roeder |

There are many factors that determine how much it costs to restore a pool table to its original condition. Deciding whether to invest in pool table repair services versus buying a new table requires understanding what is involved in pool table restoration and whether it is worth it.

High-quality, handcrafted pool and billiards tables are designed to last a long time. There are pool tables in people’s homes that are over 100 years old! The reason these tables last so long has to do with the quality of the craftsmanship that went into building them.

However, it is essential to remember these pool and billiards tables have had their share of maintenance, repairs, and restorations over the years. Yet, the primary reason people continue to restore these tables is because they are considered antiques and can be very valuable.

Even if you do not have an antique table, it can still be worthwhile to have it restored by a professional restoration service. Many people purchase a pool table with the intention of passing it down from one generation to the next. As you can imagine, restorations will need to be made at different intervals to maintain the pool table’s look, appearance, and playability.

Pool Table Restoration Factors to Consider

Pool table

#1. The Quality of Materials

The quality of the wood, leather, slate, and fittings can help you decide whether to restore the pool table. Some antique tables were made using hardwoods and other materials you do not always find in pool tables today.

#2. The Age of the Table

The older the pool table, the more it can be worth, so it can be a good decision to have it restored. Even if you do not plan on keeping the table, having it restored will result in a higher sales price, allowing you to recoup the restoration costs.

#3. The Amount of Work Required

The more work required to restore the table, the more it can cost. However, you also have to consider the overall value of the table to determine if the costs are justified. In addition, if you only need to refelt the pool table and have new cushion rubber and new pockets installed, restoration costs can be a fraction of investing in a brand new high-quality table.

#4. How Attached You Are to the Table

Some pool and billiards tables are family heirlooms and have sentimental value. Other tables people cherish were played on by famous pool players. So, if you are attached to your pool table, having it restored makes sense.

#5. The Type of Pool Table

If you have a handcrafted, high-quality pool table, having it restored is often recommended. On the other hand, if you have a cheap, mass-produced pool table, investing in restoration may not make financial sense.

Pool and Billiards Table Maintenance

Billiard stick on a green table

As pool and billiards tables age, there are specific areas of the table that will need periodic maintenance. One of the most common pool table repair services is replacing the pool table felt or billiard cloth.

The playing surface does wear out from regular use. Usually, you need to replace the felt every three to five years with occasional use. If you use your pool table daily, the new felt installation can be necessary every one to two years.

Aside from replacing the felt, the cushion rubber, side pockets, and rails will eventually need to be replaced. These parts of the pool table tend to last between 15 to 20 years, and sometimes longer.

Again, it depends on how often you use your pool table. Ideally, if you are getting a partial restoration for the top of the pool table, it is best to install new pool table felt, cushion rubber, pockets, and side rails.

Pool and Billiards Table Restoration Processes

Old snooker table and ball set.

The objective of any pool table restoration is to make the pool table playable while returning it to its original condition. The restoration process begins with a professional restoration service examining your table to determine the extent of restoration needed to return it to its former pristine condition.

Often, the table’s base and legs need the least restoration, other than some minor touch-ups and restaining the wood. For the other parts of the table, restoration can include:

  • Removing the felt or billiard cloth
  • Removing the pockets
  • Removing the cushion rubber
  • Removing the side rails
  • Removing the slate inlays
  • Inspecting the pool table legs and base to ensure the table is balanced
  • Removing the existing stain using various processes
  • Restaining the pool table legs, base, and sides
  • If needed, rebuilding the structure and restoring the legs and base
  • Inspecting the slate and verifying it is still smooth and level
  • Replacing the slate when it is cracked, damaged, or no longer smooth
  • Replacing any interior wood components that are damaged or worn out
  • Reinstalling the slate in the pool table
  • Staining and installing new side rails
  • Installing new cushion rubber
  • Installing new side pockets
  • Installing new pool table felt

When using professional pool table repair services to restore your pool table, some or all of the restoration processes may be performed offsite and not in your home. Whether the restoration occurs in your home or offsite, part of the restoration process includes re-assembling the billiards table and ensuring it is level.

It is worth noting that the price ranges to restore a pool table are directly related to the extent of restorations. Furthermore, if the base, sides, and legs need repair, the average costs will be more compared to cost estimates to restore the main playing surface components.

Pool Table Restoration Cost Estimate

Billiard table with cue balls

Suppose you have an older pool or billiards table or gaming table and would like to have it restored. It is easy to obtain a cost estimate of the necessary restorations to restore your table to its original condition by contacting Blatt’s Billiards at 212-674-8855.

We will work with you to determine if restoring your pool table is a good investment and answer any questions you may have about restoration processes. If you are in the market for rare and antique pool and billiards tables, we also have the world’s most extensive collection of tables.