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How Much Does It Cost to Resurface a Pool Table?

by David Roeder |

Most handcrafted, professional pool tables last a lifetime. However, the cloth or felt on the pool table does wear out long before the pool table. As such, pool table owners will need to re-cloth or refelt their pool tables multiple times.

Signs Pool Table Resurfacing Is Needed

corner of a large old billiard table

The appearance of the cloth or felt alone may not be sufficient to let you know pool table resurfacing is needed. The best way to spot the signs is to gently move your hand over the playing surface on the table.

  1. You notice the cloth or felt move, so it bunches up or has creases in it. It needs to be resurfaced.
  2. Another indication you need new cloth or felt is if it feels prickly like stubble on an unshaved face.
  3. If you notice lint or fuzz from the billiard cloth or small particles of the material sticking to the pool balls or your cue sticks, it is time for a new cover.

When you notice one or more of these signs, it is time to get your pool table resurfaced.

How Much Is It to Re-cloth a Pool Table?

balls on a pool table

Several factors influence the cost of refelting or re-clothing, such as the size of the table, pool table playing surface fabric, and types of pool table.

For example, if you have a handcrafted, custom pool table, you most likely have worsted cloth, the highest quality of pool table fabric used. Keeping this in mind, the average price can range from around $260 to $590 to resurface a pool table.

However, other factors determine the total costs you need to consider as follows:

#1. The Quality of the Material

The type of felt and cloth used to cover the playing surface on pool tables comes in various quality levels. Low-quality felt can cost around $270. If you want better-quality cloth, you are likely to spend around $370. On the other hand, if you want high-quality worsted cloth, then the costs can be as much as $500 or more just for the material.

#2. Labor Costs

Another factor influencing how much to recover a pool table are the labor costs. You will want to have your table professionally resurfaced by an expert. These costs can range from around $180 and upwards, not counting materials or other pool table maintenance services.

#3. Bumper Replacement

If you want the side bumpers replaced at the same time as pool table resurfacing, there is an additional charge that ranges from around $275-$900 depending on depth of job, table type, location and so on.  

#4. Moving the Pool Table

Anytime you want to relocate your pool table to a different area in your home and it requires disassembly and reassembly, the felt or cloth must be removed and replaced. The labor costs for taking apart the table and putting it back together start around $525.

#5. Leveling the Pool Table

Pool table leveling can average between $380-$700 on its own. If you are able to have the table moved without taking it apart, it will need to be releveled. You may also want to relevel the table if you notice the balls seem to roll on their own or easier on one side of the table. Other services may include releveling costs, like pool table moving, initial installation, or maintenance.

#6. The Size of the Pool Table

Depending on the size of the pool table, the cost to resurface a pool table will vary. For example, the cost of the felt or cloth for an 8-foot pool table ranges from around $275 to $500 or more. Prices fluctuate from about $270 to $450 for 7-foot tables and $280 to $550 or more for 9-foot tables.

#7. Customized Felt or Cloth

If you have a customized felt or billiard cloth pool table playing surface with artwork, a logo, or other graphics, pool table resurfacing costs start around $550 just for the material for 7-feet-long tables. The other factors previously mentioned will determine the final costs for a custom resurfacing job.

Please Note: The price ranges used are estimates to give you an idea of the cost to resurface a pool table. As such, they should be used for reference purposes only.

How to Save Money on Resurfacing Costs

white balls on a pool table

If you want to save money on pool table resurfacing, it is a good idea to combine services when you need them. For example, if you want to move your pool table to a new home, it will need to be disassembled and reassembled. So, it makes sense to replace the playing surface when you move the table.

Another way to save money on resurfacing costs is to invest in a high-quality playing surface material. Lower-quality materials will wear out faster and require more frequent replacement. On the other hand, high-quality worsted cloth can last up to a decade with proper care and pool table maintenance.

To help ensure your playing surface material lasts as long as possible, always use a pool table cover when the pool table is not in use. A cover helps protect the playing surface from dust, dirt, and other debris that can damage the material. Furthermore, covers are beneficial if you have pets for keeping pet hair from getting onto the pool table.

Last, avoid attempting DIY resurfacing, as replacing billiard cloth is not as easy as it may seem. Many people think they can save money on resurfacing costs but end up doing damage to their pool tables. As a result, they end up having to pay for those damages and still pay for professional cloth replacement resurfacing.

How Often Should You Refelt a Pool Table?

Billiard game picture

The frequency of pool table resurfacing is determined by how much you use your pool table. The more you use it, the sooner you will need refelting. Other factors that influence when to replace the playing surface include:

  • Whether You Use a Pool Table Cover
  • Frequency of Pool Table Maintenance
  • How Rough You Are on the Playing Surface

Pool Table Cloth Replacement

Colorful pool balls on a green billiard table

When it is time to resurface your pool table, you can find billiard cloth replacement at Blatt Billiards. We offer a wide range of colors and customization options with our high-quality cloth replacements. Additionally, we offer full-service white glove pool table resurfacing services.

For further information and assistance in choosing the best cloth replacement for your pool table, please feel free to contact us at 212-674-8855 today.

How Much Does It Cost to Resurface a Pool Table Infographic