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How to Measure a Pool Table

by David Roeder |

Pool tables come in a wide range of sizes, from small 6-foot tables to 12-foot regulation Snooker tables. However, while the overall dimensions of the table match their size, the playing surface area is a different story.

3D illustration billiard table, top view

The playing surface area is a measure between the cushion noses (bumpers) on the short ends and long ends of the pool table. Measuring these areas will give you the size of the playing area of the table. Most people are surprised to learn that the playing surface area will be less than the size of their pool table.

One of the secret benefits of measuring the playing field is it will quickly tell you the size of the pool table. Another great benefit of knowing how to use this secret measuring method is that it provides the table’s size when you need to recover the playing surface or need a re-cushion.

A big red pool table in a luxurious interior

Home pool tables generally come in four different sizes:

  • 7-Foot – 7-foot tables are also called bar pool tables, as they are commonly found in bars and pool halls/pool game rooms.
  • 8-Foot – 8-foot tables are considered the standard size for billiard tables and pool tables.
  • Pro 8-Foot – A pro 8-foot table is the standard size for antique 8-foot pool tables.
  • 9-Foot – 9-foot pool billiard tables are tournament-size tables.

How to Discover the Size of Your Pool Table Quickly

Yellow centimeter on a dark green background

  • Step 1: Get a tape measure.
  • Step 2: Measure from one side of the cushion on the short side (i.e., the width of the table) to the cushion on the other side of the table. You want to measure at the top of the cushion where the ball touches it, not up under the cushion.
  • Step 3: Take the measurement for the width of the playing field and double it to get the length. Alternatively, you could measure on the long side of the table from one cushion to the other.

For example, if your measurement is 44 inches wide, you would double this for the length and get 88 inches long. What this tells you is you have an 8-foot pool table. The most important thing to remember is that you will not get an exact 7-, 8-, or 9-foot measurement. Rather, it will be shorter, as follows:

  • A 7-foot pool table will measure 39 inches wide by 78 inches long or 40 inches wide by 80 inches long.
  • An 8-foot pool table will measure 44 inches wide by 88 inches long.
  • A pro 8-foot table will measure 46 inches wide by 92 inches long.
  • A 9-foot table will measure 50 inches wide by 100 inches long.

It is worth mentioning there can be slight variations in pool table sizes when measuring from cushion to cushion, depending on the type of cushions used on your table. The felt size can also slightly change the measure of the playing field.

However, you will have to take measurements closest to standard measurements to determine what size pool table you have. For instance, if your measurements were 43 inches wide by 87 inches long, you would have an 8-foot pool table.

Other Tips for Measuring Your Pool Table

Billiards balls and cue on billiards table

Do not measure directly on the playing surface of the pool table under the cushions, as this will give you an inaccurate measurement. In addition, do not measure into the side pockets because then the measurement will be incorrect.

Best of all, you just have to measure the width and simply double the width to get the length of your pool table. Then just use these two measurements to determine what size pool table you own.

Will This Trick Work with Combo Pool and Game Tables?

bumper pool table

Yes, you can use this measurement method if you have a combo pool table and game table. Just measure from the top of the bumpers on the short-end of the table, and then double the width to get the length.

For further help determining what size pool table you own, or if you are interested in purchasing a handcrafted pool table for your home, please feel free to contact Blatts Billiards at 212-674-8855 today!