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Blatt Billiards Handcrafted Pool Table Lights

Choosing a custom built set of billiard lights from Blatt offers our famous heirloom-quality craftsmanship in your pool table lighting. As the perfect complement to a custom pool table in traditional, eclectic, or modern styles, handcrafted billiard lights bring a gorgeous game room together.

Your new pool table light will be handmade to order in approximately 8-12 weeks, although some models may be available sooner in standard sizes. We use the finest materials and period-themed styles to bring your game room to the next level of sophistication.

Handcrafted Billiards and Pool Table Lights

Consider a simple and elegant design like the Rockefeller Billiards Light, with brass fixtures and glass shades, or the art deco vibe of the Palace Billiards Light to recreate the regal designs of historic billiard rooms. Custom dimensions are available, and heights can be adjusted to your ceiling.

Put together an antique or rustic game room with the Portland, featuring granite metal shades and antique bulbs with a wood frame. Or choose the industrial look of the Jamie Pendant with inverted funnel shades on rods of custom length. For truly modern pool table lights with a sleek design choose the Eliptic or our LED Lighting System made to your specifications.

How to Choose Your Pool Table Light

For a full size custom pool table you will want to choose a full size lighting system that provides excellent illumination for the best gameplay. Dimmers can be installed to fine-tune the glow. We will help you design the right build in your chosen style so that the down rods, chains, and other elements fit your ceiling and table heights. Handcrafted-quality pool table lights from Blatt Billiards are covered by our lifetime guarantee.

The Advantages of Installing Pool Table Lighting

When you are lining up a perfect shot across the felt, visibility is key. You need to be able to see clearly and play for hours without eye strain. While a dimmed, atmospheric setting might be appropriate in the background, fully lighting up your Blatt Billiards table simply makes playing pool more enjoyable.

  • ● Matching lights to go over your other game tables is the finishing touch for a perfectly functional and visually stunning game room that is a centerpoint for entertaining and family fun.
  • ● Shuffleboard, air hockey, poker and bumper pool tables all need bright lights on the action.
  • ● If you use a dining table topper for your custom billiard table, your pool table lights also serve as a matching, dimmable chandelier for formal dinners, card games, or crafting.

Do you need help choosing the right fit for your game room style or theme? If you have any questions or want some expert advice in pool table lighting, reach out to us to discuss the factors that matter most. We can help you create a lighting fixture that is the right length, width, height, wattage, and style for any application.

Installing a Pool Table or Game Room Light

Your billiard lights are installed like any ceiling light fixture, and can use existing ceiling electrical boxes and supports. If not, you will likely need an electrician to run wires to a strong box above each of your game tables. As a general rule, these lights are mounted 64-70 inches from the finished floor to the bottom of the shade, but this can be customized for your personal design preferences.

Bring Classic Beauty and Modern Style to Your Billiard Room

At Blatt Billiards, we use old-world techniques to handcraft the finest pool tables and pool table lighting. Don’t settle for game room lights that don’t match your sense of style and quality. Browse the different designs and shine the perfect light on your stunning game room with the functional finishing touch of complementary pool table lights backed by our Blatt Billiards lifetime guarantee.