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Cuetec Cynergy SVB Series Cues
Cuetec Avid Chroma Series
AVID Era Sneaky Pete Series Cues

Cuetec Cues for Your Blatt Billiards Table

Cuetec pool cues are the perfect complement to your heirloom-quality pool table. Available in the natural tones of Canadian hard rock maple and vivid modern colors and styles, Cuetec cues deliver state-of-the-art construction responsible for hundreds of major titles and nine World Championships, yet remain well below the cost of custom pool cues.

The Cuetec AVID Line of Pool Cues

Founded in 1989 with a vision to create high-quality pool cues for serious enthusiasts and entry-level players, Cuetec cues evolved over the next 30 years with improving technology and features that made them famous. By perfecting glass bonding technology and continual engineering improvements, they created the Cuetec AVID line, designed and developed for players at every skill level.

High-performance AVID pool cues feature a laminated tip, level-line butt taper, and an advanced weight adjustment system. Adding a set of Cuetec cues to your billiard room will impress serious players and encourage your family to learn with one of the most well-respected and well-made pool cues on the market.

Glass Composite Bonded

Constructed with a .75 multi-ply glass composite bonded to kiln-dried hard maple wood by a patent-pending process for a natural wood feel and feedback that helps players improve their skills. The glass composite layers run the length of the shaft and are oriented for maximum strength, warp resistance, and durability.

Light Front-End Construction for Less Deflection

Cuetec pool cues have less weight in the front-end build which means less deflection. The ultra-strong glass composite wood bonding technology enables the shaft to be bored out 10 inches, which allows for a strong and rigid front build with much less mass. Accuracy and durability are the focus of this construction method.

White Sighting Ferrule

Cuetec pool cues feature a lightweight and thin sighting ferrule that enhances aim and depth perception. It also aids in tip maintenance and replacement when needed.

Tiger® Everest Laminated Tip

Each AVID Cuetec cue comes with an Everest tip which is cured for a year and honed with a vacuum lamination process. This construction eliminates air between the layers on the tip for neutral hit attributes and greater accuracy.

Two Options for Shaft Size

AVID pool cues are available in your choice of 11.75mm or 12.75mm glass bonded shaft. This allows you to tailor the cue or offer both sizes to your guests or patrons.

Adjustable Acueweight System

Cuetec’s second generation Acueweight system lets you adjust your favorite Cuetec pool cue to your preference or offer a range of weights and balance points in your game room collection. Using a fused butt cap design with more cavity space, and a system of spacers to move the balance point without adding weight, you can adjust these vital factors without the need for special tools.

Compatible with Duo Smart Extension

The AVID line from Cuetec is compatible with the Duo Smart Extension and is engineered to work with all future Cuetec products.

Choosing AVID Cuetec Cues for Your Billiard Room

Like all Cuetec pool cues, the AVID line features the best tips, joints, wraps, and ferrules, with tight seals to prevent humidity or dry air from reaching the sealed maple shafts. Matching break cues and jump cues are also available. Choose from these options for your Blatt Billiards pool table essential accessories:

AVID Era Sneaky Pete Series Cues

The Sneaky Pete Series cue is a traditional American hustler style, made of kiln-dried hard maple which is vacuum sealed and bonded. Available in 11.75mm or 12.75mm, in beautiful traditional wood colors, inlays, and accents.

AVID Opt-X Series Cues

These gorgeous designs create the optical illusion of depth, as if you can look into the intricate patterns on the tip and shaft. Made of the same vacuum sealed hard maple construction, and available in both sizes, the Opt-X also features a moisture-resistant Leather-Tec wrap. When you want to wow your guests with a professional-quality pool cue, the AVID Opt-X is truly eye-catching.

AVID Chroma Series Cues

If your game room features modern lines and colors, the Chroma Cuetec pool cues will ensure full saturation. The quality construction and size options are the same, but the hard maple butt of the cue is encased in a proprietary resin coating that is durable, bright, and truly vivid in the hands. Match your theme colors or let everyone choose their favorite.

Cynergy SVB Series Cues

Used by Shane Van Boening, five-time US Open Champion, the Cynergy SVB will help you play like a champion. Cynergy shafts are made of solid maple, topped with high-performance carbon fiber. Available in the Ghost Edition with black chrome or stainless steel rings, collars, and butt cap, each Cynergy is built to Shane’s preferred butt diameter and balance point, with a low friction and ding-resistant surface finish.

The Cynergy carbon fiber composite shaft offers superior feel and feedback, combined with consistent accuracy. Cynergy cues feature a unique wrap pattern in spun 15k carbon fiber tow, around a poly-foam core. With a super straight taper and ultra-thin sighting ferrules, it all comes down to the Tiger Sniper tip for action-packed games and rising skill levels. Cynergy describes the performance of carbon fiber with all the feedback and feel of a traditional maple shaft.

The History of Cuetec Pool Cues

Cuetec was founded in 1989 and rapidly became a recognized name for quality pool cues that stand the test of time. With the rock hard inner wood of Canadian maple, they have reached great heights in accuracy, durability, and professional-quality gameplay. Power-bonded fiberglass and graphite add power and precision, while their attention to detail and quality construction is in line with our own at Blatt Billiards. We recommend Cuetec cues to accompany your new pool table from Blatt.

How to Care for Your Cuetec Pool Cues

To clean your Cuetec pool cue, gather 75% or higher isopropyl alcohol and two soft cloth towels.

  • ● Remove dust and debris by wiping the shaft clean with the first towel.
  • ● Apply a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to the second towel and work it up and down the length of the shaft, while rotating your hand around it.
  • ● When the shaft is clean, allow it to air dry.

Do not use baby powder, hand chalk, talcum powder, or other powders on the shaft of your AVID Cuetec cue. It should never be sanded or rubbed with any abrasive, as this will damage the finish and may weaken the glass composite or carbon fiber bonding.

Your AVID pool cue has a warranty that covers warping or other defects in construction. Polishing, sanding, or changing the surface of your cue will void the warranty.

Adjusting the Weight on Your AVID Pool Cue

The AVID line uses a cartridge-based weight system. To adjust it, remove the bumper from the butt of the cue with a 10mm hex wrench key. Insert a Phillips screwdriver, turning to the left to remove installed weights. Cartridges are available in .25 oz, .05 oz, and 1 oz increments to create the perfect weight and balance point. Replace the bumper to complete the adjustment.

Outfit Your Game Room with Cuetec Cues and Accessories

Choose a traditional pattern of beautiful wood in a set of Sneaky Petes, the cutting-edge designs of Opt-X, or the vivid color statement of the Chroma to complement game room. Combined with a stunning cue stand or wall rack, you can highlight your selection of some of the finest pool cues available for home enthusiasts and budding champions alike.