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June 1-16th

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The Nouveau pool table by Imperial
The Nouveau pool table by Imperial
The Nouveau pool table by Imperial
The Nouveau pool table by Imperial
The Nouveau pool table by Imperial

Blatt Billiards

The Nouveau


The term 'nouveau' signifies something freshly introduced or evolved. In a departure from tradition, the corners and legs of this table boast rounded contours, eliminating sharp edges – an innovative concept previously unexplored in Imperial's pool table range. This unique design is complemented by a rail adorned with an Acacia finish and a body finished in deep opaque black, presenting a distinctive dual-tone allure. Each of Imperial's pool tables is a testament to the skillful craftsmanship and creative ingenuity of billiard aficionados and experts.

Specifications - 

  • Solid wood Acacia rails
  • Internal leather drop pockets
  • Two-tone Acacia and Black finish
  • Metal black square rail sites
  • Table comes with 1” 3-piece K pattern backed slate
  • Dimensions: 103”L x 59”W x 32”H

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