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Customized and Affordable Foosball Tables

Foosball may go by many names, including babyfoot and table soccer, but regardless of what you call it, this tabletop sport can turn game night into a serious tournament for players of all ages. Review our collection of custom and ready to go foosball tables with all the features you want, designed for your available space and budget, and backed by our famous Blatt Billiards guarantee!

Striker Foosball


Euro Scorer Foosball

From $1,900.00

Tornado Sport Foosball

From $1,995.00

Premier Foosball

From $2,195.00

Defender Foosball


Merrimack Foosball

From $2,250.00

Tornado Classic Foosball

From $2,395.00

Tornado Elite Foosball

From $2,695.00

Stockport Foosball


Pelican Foosball

From $3,645.00


Bonzini Foosball

From $3,795.00

Victoria Foosball


Aspen Foosball

From $4,669.00

Stadium Foosball

From $5,430.00


Long Beach Foosball (indoor/outdoor)

$8,190.00  $6,895.00


Foosball Tables

Foosball has been around almost as long as soccer, and developed in several countries simultaneously. Foosball games were first played competitively in the United States in the 1970s and remain popular across the world today. As many as 1.9 million people play on a foosball table each week.

The best foosball table for your home or business will be one that fits your decor and the space available. We produce many different models to match any space or budget, including regulation-sized tables with professional playing surfaces to indoor/outdoor models in a wide variety of sizes and materials. A new foosball table is the perfect addition to your game room or man cave, and can even be an integral part of your outdoor home improvement project.

Foosball Tables with Blatt Billiards’ Quality Construction

We offer both ready-made and completely custom foosball tables for every situation. From indoor family game night to an outdoor foosball table tournament, all of our soccer game tables feature the quality construction Blatt Billiards is famous for.

A foosball table from Blatt Billiards can feature old-world wood construction in stunning styles and traditional looks, or even reflective mirror tops, chrome-finished edges, and steel rods. Your new foosball table can also function as a unique dining table, custom designed for your indoor or outdoor dining space.

Choosing the Right Foosball Table from Blatt Billiards

The game of foosball plays differently depending on what materials are used for the playing surface, the foosmen, and the ball itself. Some layouts have more goalies, raised corners to eliminate stuck balls during play, and wood, steel, or carbon fiber foosmen which all contribute to professional or home game play. Ergonomic handles and reliable ball return are a must for player comfort.

At Blatt Billiards, our focus is on providing quality game tables that suit every customer’s needs, space constraints, and budget. You might choose a smaller-sized table from our economy foosball tables to fit your family room or den. Foldable legs or playing outside might be important factors in your choice. You can also order full-sized custom and semi-custom foosball tables that are shaped to your specifications.

The Blatt Billiards Guarantee on All Foosball Tables

Your peace of mind and complete satisfaction is important to us. Our customers are welcome to visit our New Jersey workshop and witness the quality construction and attention to detail that have led to our reputation for some of the most beautiful and functional game tables available anywhere in the world. When you choose a foosball table from Blatt Billiards, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed for life.

Creating a Custom Foosball Table with Blatt Billiards

We are passionate about our customers’ satisfaction and are happy to share our knowledge and insight with you before you place your order. You can call 866.791.9780 for a quote on a custom model or to schedule a workshop tour and learn more about our team, our guarantee, and our passion for creating the ultimate game furniture that you and your family will be proud to own for a lifetime.