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Blatt Billiards Pool Tables in Nashville

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Was there an antique pool table in your family home? Have you played on some of the well-worn and well-made pool tables in Nashville’s historic billiards rooms and pool halls? Many fine homes in Nashville have this same beautiful craftsmanship on display with an heirloom-quality pool table from Blatt Billiards.

Budget pool tables do not have the same appeal, and can’t hold up to a lifetime of spirited gameplay and weekend family gatherings. Some Nashville pool tables can sag or delaminate, and simply come apart in the humidity and seasonal temperature changes in Tennessee.

Blatt Billiards, on the other hand, has 100 years of experience crafting quality pool tables using the finest materials and old-world techniques to adorn your Nashville home for generations to come.

Customize Your Pool Table in Nashville

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Whether you are matching a furniture period and historic decor with the perfect hand-tooled leather accents or bringing the gleam of modern chrome to your high-rise condo, Blatt Billiards can create a custom pool table to match your vision. Custom sizes, specialized trim and hardware, and colors of felt and rails are all at your fingertips. Need to replicate bookmatched cherry or walnut veneers and accents? Browse our custom pool tables or give us a call to discuss all the available options.

Nashville Economy and Semi-Custom Pool Tables

You can stretch your game room budget further with semi-custom or ready-to-go economy pool tables from our lineup. These options offer the same high-quality gameplay with faster delivery and setup. Our lifetime guarantee is extended to any game table you purchase from us, and these are some of the best ways to get your furniture-quality pool table in Nashville, TN.

The Best Pool Table for Nashville Nightlife

Socializing with friends and family is one of our favorite activities, and having your own professional pool table and game room makes your home a Nashville hot spot for hospitality and traditional pastimes. Any spare room with solid level floors and climate control can become your new game room, and let you host the gatherings that build lifetime memories. You can add a dining table or table tennis topper to expand the possibilities.

Expand the Fun with Other Game Tables

A traditional or modern game room can expand to include matching game tables for more hours of fun with friends and family. Fire up your game nights and bring home the excitement with these professional game table options from Blatt Billiards:

  • Shuffleboard
  • Air Hockey
  • Poker
  • Table Tennis (Ping Pong)
  • Foosball
  • Bumper Pool

Quality Furnishings for Your Tennessee Game Room

Blatt Billiards economy pool table

Billiards in Nashville nightlife is a longstanding tradition that carries on to this day. With an heirloom-quality pool table built to last for generations, Blatt Billiards can ship and set up pool tables in Nashville that will stand the test of time. Using cabinet making techniques that include wooden dowels, hand-tooled leather, and dovetail joints, your purchase from Blatt Billiards is guaranteed for a lifetime.

Browse our selection of custom, semi-custom and economy pool tables, or expand your game room with new options in the same beautiful style as your existing pieces. Let us know if you have any questions about options, our guarantee, or the way we stand behind the quality of our work.