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Blatt Billiards has a worldwide reputation as the experts in pool table construction, sales and – just as important – service. Our experienced team is ready to help you get the most out of your games and game room, so you can continue creating great family memories for years to come.


You’re finally ready to get that pool table of your dreams? You’ve come to the right place.  Here are the basic questions you need answered:

  • What size pool table can fit into my room?
  • What length cue sticks are best for my room?
  • What size pool table do you recommend for my family and friends?

The handy dandy charts below (based on our 100 years of experience) will help answer the first and second questions, giving you the space needed for certain sized tables, and depending on what length cue sticks you choose.

But the third question is really the one that will determine how much fun and use you will get out of your table. The bigger the table, the more skill each shot will require. The general rule of thumb is that shorter tables are the easiest to play on, and you need to be more expert to play each bigger size. So if you and your family and friends are true sharks (and you have a big enough room), by all means go for a 9-foot table. But we find that the sweet spot for easy and fun playability is in the 7- to 8-foot range. The balls will stay closer together and it will never be too far to the nearest pocket.  6-foot tables are generally for bars or for situations where space is very limited.

pool table room size guide


Simply need cloth for decorating walls, or furniture? Do you need cloth replacement on your pool table? Too many Massé or Jump shots?  

Click here to purchase cloth by the yard.

Blatt Billiards offers full white glove billiards cloth replacement services. We will come to your commercial or residential location and replace the cloth onsite, re-set the slates and level your pool table. We offer both standard and premium cloth options. Our mechanics are in house employees who are trained, licensed, and insured. All our services are 100% warrantied for customer satisfaction.

Kindly fill out our contact form with your name, number, email address, service address, and photo(s) of your table(s). The more details, the faster we can assist!

men measuring pool table
men moving pool table inside house


Blatt Billiards offers full white glove moving and relocation services. Relocation can be on the same site in a different room or a new location altogether.  We can also store your pool or game table in our 50,000 sq. foot workshop and warehouse where it will safely be looked after by Billiards professionals. Monthly Storage is $145 per month.

Moving your pool table – even just to another location in the same room -- is a very delicate and time-consuming process. The weight of the table will cause the joints and dowels to become damaged if it is not done correctly. Our in-house team is trained, vetted and insured to disassemble the table, transport it safely and reassemble it in the new location to Billiards Congress of America specifications. Do not attempt to lift the table with your friends or family. You run the risk of damaging the table, or yourselves!

Kindly fill out our contact form with your name, number, email address, current table location, new table location, and photo(s) of your table(s). The more details, the faster we can assist! 


So, you enjoyed your table so much, that you wore it down? Blatt Billiards offers full restoration services on all fronts.

Pockets – Blatt Billiards hand sews and dyes our own pockets. We replace pockets in sets only. If your pool table or antique pool table pockets needs restoration or replacement, kindly reach out to our workshop team. Please note that for antique pool tables, we will need the original irons on the pockets themselves.

Rubber Lost your bounce? Do not worry, Blatt Billiards offers rubber replacement services. This is normally a two-step job, where we would come to pick up the rails at your location and bring them to our workshop where we have the best tools/machinery to properly cut and fit the rubber to your rails. If you change the rubber on your table, we must also change the cloth as well on the rails and bed of your table.

Finishing Sun faded or showing signs of age (your table, not you!)? Blatt Billiards offers highly professional re-finishing restorations. Our finishes are hand rubbed, and our finishing department can offer custom, or cross-matched wood stained colors. Please note, we do not offer onsite re-finishing, or touch ups. We do all re-finishing services in the controlled environment of our workshop. 

man polishing leather pool table pocket
man leveling pool table


Has your table settled into the floors or its own hardware? Although you may now know the competitive “sweet spots” on your table, it might be time to re-level. We offer onsite re-leveling services by our in-house mechanics team. 

Note: Leveling is included in our cloth replacement and relocation services.


Movies, Television, Pop-Up Stores, Commercials, Parties or Special Events? We have a 50,000 sq. foot treasure chest (workshop) filled with pool tables and game tables for your needs, with full installation and removal services. Rentals are typically done by daily to monthly billing periods, but please review with us internally so we can discuss your needs, dates, and available tables.

Men talking over pool table
man teaching a woman billiards technique


Kindly reach out, and we will introduce you to one of the most well-known and respected instructors in the country. You can use our facilities for the lesson, or a convenient location upon review. We can also come to your location to host a party or tournament involving trick shots and lessons.

  • Official House Pro at the Amsterdam Billiards Club for over 20 years
  • Columnist for Billiards Digest magazine
  • 7-Time Predator Pro Am Tour Player of the Year 2008-2013, 2018
  • 2014 Predator Pro Am Tour Season Opener 10-Ball Champion – Steinway Billiards
  • 2011 BCAPL National Grandmaster 8-Ball Champion Las Vegas, Nevada