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Best Game Tables for Home Buyers Guide

by David Roeder |

When you are looking for a game table to add to your gaming room or man cave or for family game night, there is no shortage of options. Whether you want to host exciting tournaments for your friends or family or just want a high-quality table that is decorative and fun, it is essential to know how to choose the best one for your home.

What to Look For When Buying a Game Table

Bonzini Foosball Table.

Before you start shopping, there are a few things to consider. Think about the size and shape of your space, how often it will be used, and what type of games you plan on playing. You should also think about how much money you want to spend.

Next, think about what features and options you would like the table to have like cup holders, padded sides, or storage compartments. In addition, you need to consider whether you want a custom-built table or one that offers semi-customizations.

Knowing all this information ahead of time will help narrow down your options and make sure that the game table you get is precisely what you want.

Other Shopping Considerations

Premiere foosball table

Some other shopping considerations to take into account when you want to buy a game table for your home include the following:

  • Table Design: The game table design you choose should match your style and home décor. Look for a table with an attractive finish and clean lines that will fit in well with your existing furniture.
  • Materials Used: Pay attention to the materials used when choosing a game table. Look for tables made from high-quality wood, slate, and metals designed to last.
  • Leg Levelers: Many game tables come equipped with adjustable leg levelers, making it easy to ensure that the playing surface is flat and even. This is especially important if you plan on having tournaments or friendly competitions at home.
  • Games: Think about what type of games you want to play before buying a gaming table so that you can find one that offers all the ones you need.
  • Power Options: Some gaming tables require electricity while others do not. So make sure to check power options before making a purchase.
  • Scoring Systems: If you plan on playing competitive games like air hockey or foosball, you may want to look for a gaming table with a built-in scoring system to make it easier to keep track of points during matches.

Types of Game Tables

Merrimack Foosball Table.

Once you start shopping for game tables, you will quickly notice you have a wide range of options. From poker tables to shuffleboard and combination game tables, you will need to decide between your different options.

What Is a Stand-Alone Table?

A stand-alone table is a great option when you are looking for a specific type of game and want something that is stylish and durable. These tables do offer custom-design possibilities, from building a table from the ground up or taking advantage of semi-custom tables to create a unique table for your home.

In addition, stand-alone tables are often used as a room’s focal point. So, you will want to choose an attractive design that fits the room’s decor.

Pro of Stand-Alone Tables

  • Unique Designs – You can customize the look and design of your table to suit your needs.
  • High-Quality Materials – Stand-alone tables are built using the highest quality materials to ensure the table lasts a long time.
  • Optional Storage – Some designs include optional storage space, so you can keep all gaming accessories and equipment easily accessible and organized.

Cons of Stand-Alone Tables

  • Cost: Stand-alone tables can be more expensive than combination game tables.
  • Space Requirements: Some stand-alone tables require plenty of space and do not fit well into smaller spaces.

What Is a Multi-Game Table?

Multi-game tables are an increasingly popular choice for game enthusiasts. These tables usually have multiple playing surfaces, allowing you to play different games on the same table. In addition, most multi-game tables combine several games, such as poker, ping pong, and air hockey, into a single table. A multi-game table is a great option if you want to save space and enjoy several different types of games in the same space.

Is a Combination Game Table the Same Thing?

A combination table allows you to switch between different games easily, just like a multi-game table. For example, some tables have interchangeable playing surfaces so you could play air hockey, then put on a different playing surface and play ping pong.

Pros of Combo Game Tables

  • Space-Saving: Combination tables take up less space than buying individual pieces of gaming furniture.
  • Versatility: You can play a variety of different games on one table without needing to switch out playing surfaces.
  • Cost-Effective: Combo tables are usually more affordable than having to buy several different pieces of gaming furniture.
  • Durability: Most combo tables are made from high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting.

Cons of Combo Game Tables

  • Limited Games: Multi-game tables usually only offer a few different games, so they may not be suitable for those who want more variety.
  • Shallow Playing Surfaces: Some combination game tables have shallow playing surfaces, which can make them less enjoyable or more difficult to play on.
  • Not Upgradable: Once you buy a multi-game table, upgrading it with new gaming surfaces or accessories can be difficult.

What Is a Conversion Table?

A conversion table can be a stand-alone table or a multi-game table that also functions as a dining room table. They provide the benefits of having a gaming table and dining room table without purchasing two pieces of furniture. They are ideal when you have limited space and want a stand-alone or combo game table in your home.

What to Look For in Stand-Alone Game Tables

Bond Poker Table and a Billiards Table.

This part of our buying guide will help you learn more about what things you should look for in different types of stand-alone game tables for your home.

Poker Tables

Hamilton 2-1 Poker Game Table.

  • Size: Consider the size of your space and the number of players you want to accommodate when choosing a poker table. Look for one large enough to fit everyone comfortably but not so big that it takes up too much room.
  • Materials: The materials used in a poker table should be durable and easy to clean. Look for tables made from hardwoods, metals, and other high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear over time.
  • Chip Holders: Poker tables often come with built-in chip holders so that each player can easily access their chips and keep them organized. Look for a table with enough chip holders to accommodate all the players at your table.
  • Cup Holders: Most poker tables have built-in cup holders, making it easier to keep drinks within reach. Ensure there are enough cup holders for all the players at your table.
  • Comfort: Comfort is essential when playing long poker games, so look for a table with comfortable armrests and seat cushions. This will make sure everyone stays comfortable during those late-night tournaments.

Air Hockey

Wind Chill Air Hockey Table.

  • Size: Air hockey tables come in a variety of sizes, so make sure to consider the size of your space when shopping. You want a table that is large enough to fit the space and leaves plenty of room for players to move freely.
  • Power Source: Air hockey tables require an electrical outlet to power the fan and lights. Ensure you have an outlet nearby in the space where you want to put the table. If not, you should have your electrician install an outlet.
  • Materials: Look for air hockey tables made from high-quality materials that will not warp or break easily.
  • Leg Levelers: Many air hockey tables come with adjustable leg levelers, which allow you to keep the placing surface even for smooth puck movement. This is especially important to keep competitions fair, whether playing for fun or hosting a tournament in your home.
  • Puck Return System: Make sure the table you choose has a puck return system that is easy to use.

Ping Pong

RS Barcelona Stationary Ping Pong indoor/outdoor table.

  • Space: You need to ensure you have plenty of room for the table and for players to move around the table easily.
  • Materials: The materials used in a ping pong table should be durable, easy to clean, and last a long time.
  • Leg Levelers: Some ping pong tables come with adjustable leg levelers so you can ensure the playing surface remains level.
  • Net System: Verify the table you choose comes with a net system, as some tables may not include one.
  • Collapsable: If you need to save space, look for a ping pong table that can be folded up when not in use. This allows you to store it away easily and take it out for a quick game whenever needed.


Bonzini Foosball Table.

  • Table Design: Look for a table with an attractive design and clean lines that will fit well with your existing furniture. Some models even have built-in cup holders or storage compartments for keeping all your gaming accessories organized.
  • Leg Levelers: You want a foosball table with leg levelers to ensure the playing surface remains level. A level playing surface is especially important to get the most out of gameplay.
  • Materials: You want to verify the players, rods, and table all feature the best quality materials to withstand aggressive play.
  • Size: You want a foosball table that can accommodate two to four players so they can easily move without bumping into one another.


Canton Shuffleboard Table.

  • Regulation Size: Look for a shuffleboard table that meets the official regulation size of 22 feet long. While there are smaller shuffleboard tables, having one that is regulation size will provide the most fun.
  • Scoring System: Look for a shuffleboard table with an easy-to-read scoring system that makes it easier to keep track of points during tournaments and matches.
  • Materials: The materials used in a shuffleboard table should be durable and easy to clean. Look for tables made from the best quality hardwoods and metals that can withstand wear and tear over time.
  • Leg Levelers: Your shuffleboard table should have adjustable leg levelers to make it easy to level the table and keep the playing surface
  • Table Design: Choose an attractive table design that fits your tastes and style.
  • Optional Features: Some tables may include built-in cup holders, storage spaces for pucks, and other options you can customize.

Bumper Pool

Williamsburg Bumper Pool Table.

  • Materials: The materials used in a bumper pool table should be durable and made from hardwoods, metals, and plastics that can withstand wear and tear.
  • Leg Levelers: Many bumper pool tables come with adjustable leg levelers, allowing you to even out the playing surface and ensure it is perfectly flat.
  • Table Design: Look for a table with an attractive design and clean lines to fit the decor of the room where you will put the table.
  • Regulation Size: Make sure to get a bumper pool table that meets the official regulation size of 48 inches wide by 96 inches long.
  • Bumpers/Pockets: Check the number of bumpers (or pockets) on the game table before making a purchase. Some models have more than others which can affect how challenging the game is.

What Are the Benefits of a Semi-Custom Game Table?

Industrial Shuffleboard in a basement game room.

  • Flexibility: Semi-custom game tables balance the freedom of customizing your own table and the convenience of buying a pre-built product. They come in standard sizes and shapes, allowing you to choose from pre-made design elements, such as legs, rails, or felt finishes. This gives you plenty of room for personalization without starting from scratch.
  • Cost Savings: Semi-custom game tables usually cost less than fully customized ones because they do not require extra labor or materials to build from scratch. This makes them more affordable while still allowing you to customize your purchase with features like additional storage drawers or cup holders.
  • Variety: With semi-custom game tables, you can find a wide selection of styles and designs that are available in different sizes and shapes. You can also often choose the type of wood used for construction as well as other customizable features like railings and felt finishes so that you get exactly what fits your needs best while staying within your budget.

What Are the Benefits of Custom-Designing a Game Table?

Custom Shadow Concrete Ping Pong indoor/outdoor table.

  • Increased Enjoyment: A custom-built game table offers a much more enjoyable experience than buying a pre-made one. You can create the perfect size and shape for your needs, choose the exact materials you want to use, and pick out features that make it uniquely yours. This will allow you to get the most out of your gaming table.
  • Quality Materials: When having a custom-built gaming table made, you have control over what kind of materials you use in its construction, which means you can ensure high-quality and durable materials are used. Customizing also allows you to find furniture pieces that match or complement the game table.
  • Cost Savings: Purchasing a custom-designed game table instead of buying an off-the-shelf product saves money in the long run because your table is designed to last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance and will not have to replace it multiple times.
  • Durability: A custom-designed game table will be constructed with materials that are designed specifically for its purpose and crafted in a way that ensures it is durable.
  • Personalization: When customizing your own game table, you get to choose the exact features and design elements that make it unique and special. This allows you to create a piece of furniture that truly reflects your taste, style, and personality—something no pre-made product could ever replicate.
  • Uniqueness: With a custom-designed game table, you can create something that nobody else has. This is great for those who like to stand out from the crowd and have their own signature look.

What Is the Best Game Table for My Home?

Semi custom Williamsburg Poker Table.

The best game table for your home depends on what you want in a game table. If you are looking for multiple games in a single table, then a combination game table might be the right choice. On the other hand, if you want something more contemporary or like having individual tables for each game, a stand-alone game table might be better suited for you.

As you can imagine, you have almost endless possibilities, especially if you choose a semi-custom or custom-built game table from Blatt Billiards. If you can dream up the table, we can help you design and build it to your specifications.

Please feel free to explore our wide selection of quality-built gaming tables for your home or contact us at 212-674-8855 to schedule a consultation to design and build your custom game table. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have to help you select the right gaming table for your home.