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Can You Keep a Pool Table Outside?

by Dalip Singh |

Thinking about moving your pool table to an outdoor space like a covered patio or garage? While you are free to place your table anywhere you like, there is some essential information you need to consider before doing so.

Understanding the potential risks and necessary precautions can help ensure your table remains in top condition.

Why You Shouldn’t Keep a Pool Table Outside

Modern outdoor pool table.

If you do a search about putting a modern pool table outdoors, you will get mixed results. Some posts say you can, and others say you should not. Given our 100 years of billiards experience, we suggest never keeping an indoor pool table in an outdoor environment.

Indoor tables can get damaged easily by temperature changes, humidity, rain, and snow. This is because they are made of hardwoods, felt, and other delicate materials that are prone to damage from these elements. Therefore, indoor pool tables require a controlled indoor environment with a constant temperature and low humidity levels.

In addition, owning an indoor billiard table is an investment. Most handcrafted tables will last for generations when used indoors. However, if you put it outdoors your table will quickly wear out and need to be replaced.

That being said, there are specialty outdoor billiard tables designed to be used outside or in your garage. Interestingly, the only similarity to indoor tables is that outdoor tables should also use slate beds.

Slate is a naturally occurring material that is weather and temperature resistant. So, it makes the perfect bed material to use in outdoor tables. 

Why Outdoor Modern Pool Tables Are Better in All Weather Conditions

people outside playing billiards near the swimming pool.

Outdoor pool tables are built with durable materials like aluminum, Sunbrella fabric, and vinyl pockets to withstand weather and UV rays. In addition, these materials are able to withstand extreme temperature changes.

However, the difference in materials can affect gameplay. If you have both an indoor and outdoor table, you'll see that the balls move differently on each surface.

How to Keep Your Outdoor Pool Table Looking New

pool tables near the swimming pool

Outdoor pool tables are made to withstand weather and temperature changes, but they still need maintenance to last. Ideally, when selecting an outdoor space for your table, choose one that is covered.

A covered area ensures you can enjoy playing outdoors, rain or shine. Plus, it limits the amount of exposure the table receives. Therefore, it will last longer than an outdoor table in an uncovered area.

Other things you should do to keep your table looking new include:

  • Regularly clean the table to keep dirt and dust off it.
  • Allow the felt to fully dry if it gets wet.
  • Ensure the water drain holes in the pockets do not get clogged with dirt, dust, or debris.
  • Never store items on top of the pool table.
  • Store billiard balls and cue sticks indoors when you are not playing pool.
  • Remove any snow accumulation from the tabletop in winter.
  • Always use an outdoor waterproof cover when the table is not being used.

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure your outdoor pool table remains in great condition for years of enjoyment.

What Type of Table Cover Is Best for an Outdoor Pool Table?

Unlike indoor tables, where you just need to cover the top of the table, outdoor tables need to be fully covered. You also need a thicker cover to protect the table. You need to cover the table’s top, sides, and legs.

For example, some people use a thick table cover over the playing surface. Then they use a second thick outdoor cover to cover the entire table. It never hurts to have added protection over the playing surface.

Where Can I Purchase an Outdoor Pool Table?

pool table dining top outdoor

When you want to set up a pool table outdoors, you can purchase a completely weather-proof pool table made by the pool table experts at Blatt Billiards. Our outdoor pool tables are custom-made with the same care and quality as our indoor tables.

We offer combination tables that serve multiple purposes. They can be used as an outdoor pool table and dining table, and they can also function as a billiard table, ping-pong table, and dining table all in one.

All of our outdoor tables are completely resistant to all types of weather, including sun, rain, and snow. Explore our outdoor pool table designs and contact us at 212-674-8855 to order your custom-built outdoor table today.