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How Often Should You Refelt a Pool Table?

by David Roeder |

You should replace the felt on your pool table every two to five years if you play pool four or more times a week. If you only play pool occasionally, then your pool felt can last between five and fifteen years. However, other factors can determine how often and when you should replace the felt on your pool table.

When Should You Replace the Felt?

Old billiard table outdoor with single black ball.

You will want to check the texture and look of the felt. If you notice the cloth is loose or peeling up, or there is any bunching, holes, bumps, rips, or tears in it, you will want to replace it. Another sign to watch for is the playability of the felt. If you notice balls are not rolling as easily or they go in different directions than you wanted, you may want to replace the felt.

Another reason you may want to replace the pool table felt is if you are changing the decor in the room. Changing the felt to a new color to match the new decor is one of the easiest ways to ensure your pool table will match with the new room update.

Some people also like to change the felt color every few years just to give their pool table a new look and feel. So, when you are replacing the felt for aesthetic reasons, you can do so as often and as frequently as you desire.

What Is Pool Table Felt?

Removing the old cloth from the bed table of American billiards

You might be surprised to learn that pool table felt is not made from felt material. The term “felt” is used because the cloth over the playing surface has a felt-like feel. The cloth found on high-quality, handcrafted, and antique pool tables is usually a mixture of wool and nylon or worsted wool and nylon since these are superior materials.

The pool tables you find in pool halls, bars, and pubs may sometimes use a mixture of wool and polyester instead of nylon since it can be cheaper. The reason for this is the felt wears out much faster because these pool tables see a lot of play.

If you want the very best pool table cloth, then you want to choose a mixture of worsted wool and nylon. You will find this type of felt on tournament tables because it provides the smoothest ball movements. It also lasts much longer than other cloth blends.

What Causes Pool Table Cloth to Wear Out?

Billiards balls and cue on billiards table.

  • Playing Pool – The top reason that causes the cloth to wear out is playing pool. As you play, friction from the balls will gradually create tracks in the felt until it needs to be replaced.
  • Pool Chalk – Pool chalk is a necessary accessory to ensure a proper connection between the pool cue and the cue ball. However, the grainy parts of the chalk can be abrasive if it gets worked into the felt and slowly wears down the cloth.
  • Rough Play – If you like making jump shots or playing a bit rougher, you can leave scratches, nicks, or even rip the felt.
  • Too Much Humidity – High humidity can create moisture on the felt, causing it to wear out much faster.
  • Direct Sunlight – If your pool table playing surface gets too much direct sunlight, the UV rays from the sun can cause the felt to fade.
  • People and Pets – Some people sit on their pool table or allow their pets to lie on the playing surface.
  • Food and Drinks – Setting food and drinks on the rails can lead to accidents that stain and ruin the felt.

Tips to Extend the Life of Pool Table Cloth

Close-up view of a used and old pool table

  1. Clean the playing surface when you are done playing pool.
  2. Use a pool table cover to protect the cloth.
  3. Maintain a humidity level of 50 percent or lower indoors.
  4. Never chalk the pool cue directly over the table.
  5. Avoid excessively rough play.
  6. Never sit on your pool table.
  7. Keep pets off the pool table.
  8. Do not keep food or drinks on the rails or elsewhere on the pool table.

Blatt Billiards Cloth Replacement Services

two men working on a pool table

When you need to replace the felt on your pool table, you can find high-quality cloth available at Blatt Billiards, including Blatt Billiards cloth and Simonis 860 cloth. We also offer full white glove cloth replacement services for residential and commercial customers where we replace the cloth onsite.

Our cloth is a blend of 75 percent wool and 25 percent nylon. The Simonis 860 cloth is tournament-quality cloth consisting of a blend of 90 percent worsted wool and 10 percent nylon. You can order cloth by the yard that includes the rail cloth. We can also cut the rails upon request.

Please feel free to explore our wide range of replacement cloth colors. For further information or assistance ordering replacement cloth or to learn more about our cloth replacement services, contact us at 212-674-8855 today.

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