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What Is the Best Color Felt for a Pool Table?

by David Roeder |

Pool table felt or cloth is essential to playing pool. The felt makes up the entire playing surface and extends up the sides to the rails. The quality of the felt affects how well the balls move when struck. It also influences how often you have to replace the cloth.

Does Pool Table Cloth Color Really Matter?

Billiard colorful balls on green table.

The color of the playing surface might not seem like it really matters since you should be most concerned about the quality of the cloth. For some people, the color of the felt on their pool table does not matter. Yet, for others, choosing the felt color is just as important as selecting the style and design of the pool table.

While green and blue are two of the most popular colors of felt used on pool tables, they are not your only options. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, including grays and beiges and bright colors like bright pink and bright lime. However, regardless of whether you care what color the felt is or not, choosing a color is still an important decision.

How to Choose the Right Color for You

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Choosing the right color for your pool table cloth depends on several factors as follows:

  • Aesthetics – The table felt color should fit with the other colors in the room where the table is being used. For example, you wouldn’t want bright pink in a room decorated with cool colors. On the other hand, if your pool table is in a game room where you watch sports, you may want the felt to be the same color as your favorite sports team.
  • Ease on Eyes – The color of the cloth affects your overall eye comfort when playing pool. If you intend to use your table a lot, choose a color you will enjoy looking at and playing on. Additionally, select a color that will not give you a headache or strain your eyes.
  • Ease of Visibility – Some people may find it harder to play on certain colors, such as black or bright neon. On the other hand, the color may not affect you visually, so it may not matter.
  • Your Favorite Color – A major factor you cannot overlook is your favorite color. So, if blue is your favorite color, then choose one of the different shades of blue for your pool table
  • Amount of Use – The amount of use is related to how fast the cloth will start to look dirty. For example, certain dark colors tend to begin to look dirty much quicker than others. However, this is easily offset by cleaning your table regularly.

Ultimately, choosing the best color for your pool table is a personal choice. It should be based on selecting a color you will enjoy looking at and playing on for a long time.

Pool Table Cloth and Replacement Services

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Blatt Billiards stocks a wide assortment of cloth colors available with our Blatt Billiards Cloth and

Simonis 860 Cloth. Our Blatt Billiard Cloth is best for amenity spaces, beginner play, and durability, as well as furniture making and wall decor. Our Simonis 860 Cloth is best for tournament or frequent play, as well as speed, accuracy, and aesthetics because it does not pill.

You can also take advantage of Blatt Billiards Table Cloth Replacement Services. Our pool table experts replace your pool table cloth, so your table looks as good as the day it was originally set up in your home.

To check out the colors of pool table felt we offer in either of our pool table cloth lines. To request a free estimate for cloth replacement services, please feel free to explore our website further or contact us directly at 212-674-8855 today.

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