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How to Clean Pool Table Felt Correctly

by David Roeder |

Your pool table is another piece of furniture in your home that needs to be cleaned periodically to maintain its appearance. One area of the pool table that can be difficult to keep clean is the pool table felt used over the playing surface.

What Not to Do When Cleaning a Pool Table

Young man using vacuum on carpet floor inside interior of house

While it can be tempting to clean your pool table like you would your other furniture, you could potentially damage the felt and your table. The first thing to remember is you should never use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum tool attachments on the pool table felt.

The full suction power of the vacuum can pull on the felt and cause it to separate from the table. As it does, you will stretch the cloth and leave wrinkles and other imperfections on the playing surface. Then, when you play your next game of pool, you will notice the balls do not roll correctly and go in the desired directions.

Another thing you should never do is use harsh chemical cleaning products on your pool table. These products contain chemicals that will discolor your table, remove the finish from the wood, and cause other damages.

Tips and Tricks to Clean a Pool Table

Cleaning brush on a red felt billiards table

Now that you know what not to do when cleaning a pool table, here are some tips to keep your pool table looking great.

#1. Obtain a pool table brush that is designed to clean pool table felt.

Hand brushing surface of green snooker pool billards table

You can get this brush from your pool table supplier. A pool table brush will have one end where the bristles are longer than the others to get up under the rails. Additionally, the bristles should be soft.

#2. Always brush the felt in a straight direction.

You do not want to use circular motions or move the brush back and forth. Instead, start in one corner of the pool table and move the brush from one end to the other, making sure the longer bristles run along the outer edge under the rail.

#3. Clean the brush after each pass.

After each pass from one end to the other on the pool table felt, stop to clean the brush to remove dust and dirt. Otherwise, you are just transferring it to another area on the table.

#4. Start by cleaning the felt on the rails first.

Cover the bristle part of the brush that will run over the wooden part of the rail with a microfiber cloth. You only want the bristles to brush over the felt on the rails. Again, move the brush in a single direction around the pool table.

#5. Clean the surface playing area on the pool table second.

Snooker billards pool balls in triangle

You want to clean the rails first and the playing area second because chalk dust and dirt from the rails will get brushed onto the playing surface and into the pockets. You have a few different cleaning options as you clean the playing area.

  • You could start at one end of the table and brush the dust and dirt to the other end of the table. Repeat this process until the entire surface has been brushed. Then, you brush the dust and dirt toward the corner pockets. Use your dustpan or cloth to collect as much of the dust and dirt as possible.
  • Your other option is to brush from one end of the table to the center of the table and stop. Your objective is to move all the dust and dirt into the center of the table. Then, you brush the dust and dirt into a dustpan with a protective rubber

#6. Use a clean damp microfiber cloth to clean the pool table pockets.

Some people consider using a vacuum crevice tool to clean out the pockets. However, this only leads to the temptation to use it to clean the felt. Instead, it is better to wipe them out by hand using a clean cloth.

#7. Use an approved wood cleaning product to dust and clean all wooden areas on the table.

You can ask your pool table supplier to recommend the right wood cleaning product to clean the wooden parts of your pool table.

#8. Clean the pool balls.

Use a mild dish detergent mixed in warm water to clean the pool balls. Wet a clean cloth in the soapy water, wring it out, and wipe off the balls. To rinse the balls, you can run them under cold water to remove any excess soap. Then, allow them to air dry or use a clean, dry cloth to dry them.

#9. Clean stains using a clean cotton cloth.

Wipe the table a damp cloth

Most people will use a white cotton cloth to see the stain being absorbed from the pool table felt. Wet a clean cloth with warm water and wring out most of the water. Never use soap or detergent, as this can leave a residue stain on the felt.

Lay the damp cloth directly over the stain and press directly down. Leave the cloth on the stain for about 10 minutes and do not rub. You can blot the stain by pressing it directly down. Repeat this process, being careful not to saturate the felt until the stain is removed.

By using these tips, you can maintain the appearance of your pool table. For further questions about cleaning the pool table felt and recommended cleaning products, or to learn more about our custom pool tables, please feel free to contact Blatt Billiards at 212-674-8855 today!