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How to Hang a Dartboard Cabinet

by David Roeder |

When you want to protect your walls from being damaged by darts, you should mount your dartboard inside a dartboard cabinet. This special cabinet will protect your walls with an expanded area for darts should you miss the dartboard. Hanging a dartboard cabinet is not much more difficult than handing a dartboard when you follow these steps.

Step 1: Ensure You Have Plenty of Space

The regulation throwing line for darts is eight feet from the face of the dartboard for soft-tipped and electronic dartboards. For steel-tipped dartboards, the throw line is at seven feet nine and one-quarter inches.

You will want to place the dartboard in the cabinet. While someone holds this at the base of the wall, measure out the required distance. You can use masking tape or packing tape to mark the throw line.

Step 2: Mark Where the Bullseye Needs to Be

Wine Cork Dart Backboard

The bullseye needs to be five feet eight inches off the floor. Place a mark in this location on the wall where you want to hang the dartboard cabinet.

Step 3: Measure the Width of the Cabinet with the Doors Open

You need to verify there is sufficient space on the wall when the doors are fully opened. If you have an open dartboard cabinet, you still need to verify there is plenty of room. Next, measure the wall to verify and ensure the bullseye mark is in the center.

Step 4: Use a Stud Finder to Locate Studs

Male carpenter using electronic stud finder to locate interior wall stud.

The cabinet needs to be secured to the walls. The best way to do this is to mount it to studs behind the drywall. A stud finder will let you know the location of the studs. Mark the studs using a washable marker.


Usually, the spacing between studs is sixteen inches—the same spacing where the holes are inside the cabinet for mounting. However, some homes have the studs spaced apart 24 inches. So if it is not possible to secure both sides of the cabinets to studs, you can use wall anchors on one side.

Step 5: Prepare the Cabinet for Hanging

  • Place the cabinet face up on the floor or table and open the doors.
  • Center the dartboard inside the cabinet.
  • Measure from the bottom of the cabinet to the center of the bullseye. Write this measurement down.
  • Hold the cabinet against the wall using the stud marks and height mark you made earlier.
  • Have someone measure from the floor up to the mark inside the cabinet to verify it is at the correct height.
  • Level the cabinet by placing a level on top of it.
  • Once level, use a pencil or marker to mark the location on the wall through the predrilled holes in the cabinet.
  • Remove the cabinet.
  • Using the appropriate size drill bit, drill about half the length of the mounting screws into the studs. If you are using wall anchors, drill the holes and secure the anchors into the wall.

Step 6: Mount the Cabinet to the Wall

American Dart Cabinet
  • Hold the cabinet up to the wall and align the predrilled holes in the cabinet with the ones in the wall.
  • Screw in the upper left screw but do not fully tighten. Align the upper right screw hole and verify the cabinet is still level. If it is, then screw in the upper right screw and fully tighten the upper left one. If it is not level, you can redrill the holes in the correct locations.
  • Screw in the lower left and right screws.
  • Secure the U-shaped bracket that came with your dartboard to the cabinet. The mark inside the cabinet should be visible at the lower part of the “U.”
  • Finish prepping the back of the dartboard using the instructions that came with it.
  • Hang the dart board in the cabinet and turn it slightly, so the number 20 is at the very top.

Step 7: Play Darts

Now that your dartboard cabinet and dartboard are mounted to the wall, you are ready to play darts.

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dart board cabinet

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