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Blatt Billiards’ Game Table Holiday Gift Guide

by David Roeder |

As the snow falls and festivities approach, let’s remember that, for nearly a century, Blatt Billiards has given the world the gift of handcrafted, premium pool and game tables. Meticulously created, each table carries the warmth of tradition, fused with style and function, making it a timeless holiday centerpiece for gatherings and joy.

We understand that a game table is not just a piece of furniture—it’s a centerpiece, an artwork, and a gathering place for friends and family to create memories. Welcome to the Blatt Billiards’ Game Table 2024 Holiday Gift Guide, where luxury, craftsmanship, and entertainment converge.

Game Tables: the Epicenter of Entertainment and Elegance



Our collection is a reflection of our commitment to excellence, capturing the essence of elegance and the passion for play. Whether it’s a friendly game of poker or shuffleboard on a Saturday night, an intense chess match over coffee, or simply a decorative table that accentuates your living space, our assortment ensures that you will find the perfect gifts for men or the whole family for the holidays.

This festive season, give a blend of classic and contemporary with our tables. Each piece promises lasting quality and the signature Blatt Billiards elegance—perfect for the discerning gift-seeker.

Poker Tables & Poker Conversion Tables: the Heart of Every Game Night

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Thorne Game Table.

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Thorne Game Table

Step into the realm of Blatt Billiards’ Poker Tables and Poker Conversion Tables, where elegance meets excitement and every deal becomes an event to remember. Recognizing the timeless appeal of poker, we’ve curated a collection that echoes the rich history of the game while seamlessly blending into the modern setting of any home or entertainment space.

Seeking the perfect holiday gift? Our Poker Conversion Tables blend fine craftsmanship with versatile design. Transition effortlessly from festive feasts to thrilling poker games. Give a piece that promises both elegance and excitement.

Blatt Custom Elite Collection: the Pinnacle of Poker Elegance

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Bond Poker Table.

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Bond Poker Table

Delve into the epitome of luxury with the Blatt Custom Elite Collection of Poker Tables. Handcrafted by our master artisans, each table is a fusion of premium materials and impeccable design, reflecting Blatt Billiards’ longstanding tradition of excellence.

With the Custom Elite Collection, every poker session transforms from a mere game to a grand celebration of sophistication and unparalleled gaming experience. Choose the Elite, and you’re not just investing in the perfect gift—you’re embracing a legacy.

Blatt Economy Game Table Collection: Exceptional Value Meets Timeless Design

Economy Line Royale Poker Table Set.

Economy Line Royale Poker Table Set

Discover the perfect balance of affordability and elegance with the Blatt Economy Game Table Collection of Poker Tables. Crafted with precision, each table showcases Blatt Billiards’ commitment to quality, even at an accessible price point. Embrace a blend of functionality and style that doesn’t compromise on the gaming experience.

With the Economy Collection, giving luxury gifts becomes attainable, and every poker night becomes unforgettable.

Table Tennis & Table Tennis Dining/Conversion: Serving Up Style and Versatility

Brunswick Billiards SMASH 7.0 I/O Ping Pong (indoor/outdoor).

Brunswick Billiards SMASH 7.0 I/O Ping Pong (indoor/outdoor)

Step into the dynamic world of Blatt Billiards’ Table Tennis and Dining/Conversion Collection, where sport meets sophistication. These tables aren’t just designed for the exciting rallies of ping pong—they easily transition into elegant dining or workspace solutions, embodying the perfect blend of function and flair. Handcrafted with the same dedication and precision that defines our brand, each table promises both high-performance gameplay and a luxurious aesthetic appeal.

Looking for a gift that seamlessly transitions from fun matches to festive dinners? Choose from our table tennis and dining/conversion collection. Give the luxury of premium gameplay and stylish dining with Blatt Billiards.

Blatt Custom & Semi Custom Ping Pong Tables: Where Craftsmanship Meets Competition

Blatt Billiards Full Custom Royal Ping Pong Table.

Blatt Billiards Full Custom Royal Ping Pong Table

Introducing the Blatt Custom & Semi Custom Ping Pong Table collection, a testament to the harmonious union of artisanal mastery and competitive spirit. Among our exquisite offerings is the Royal Ping Pong Table—a true embodiment of regal elegance and unparalleled playability. Handcrafted with intricate detail and personalized to any taste, this table stands as a centerpiece, making every serve and rally feel like a royal event.

Seeking a gift that stands out, both in form and function? Our selection offers a blend of bespoke craftsmanship and tailored configurations. When you choose Blatt Billiards, you’re not just giving a game table but presenting a true masterpiece. Elevate a loved one’s game room into a realm of luxury and let every game played be an epitome of style and sophistication.

Blatt Economy Ping Pong Tables: Quality Play, Accessible Price

Blatt Billiards Harper Ping Pong Table.

Blatt Billiards Harper Ping Pong Table

Discover the Blatt Economy Ping Pong Table collection, where great value meets exceptional playability. Our economy collection, infused with Blatt Billiards’ signature craftsmanship, offers both affordability and unmatched gameplay. Each table beautifully marries functionality with classic design, ensuring every rally, smash, and serve is a joy.

Give the experience of premium play without the premium price. Discover the ideal match for your loved one with Blatt Billiards.

Foosball: the Classic Game of Skill and Strategy with a Blatt Touch

Blatt Billiards D8 Foosball Table (Smoked or Ebonized).

Blatt Billiards D8 Foosball Table (Smoked or Ebonized)

Dive into the thrilling world of Foosball with Blatt Billiards’ curated collection. A game celebrated globally for its perfect blend of skill, strategy, and swift reflexes, our foosball tables elevate the experience to new heights. Each table is not just a game arena but a piece of art, crafted with an unmatched attention to detail, ensuring both a smooth gameplay and a striking aesthetic appeal.

If you’re seeking the ideal gift for the game lover in your life, our collection reflects Blatt Billiards’ unwavering dedication to excellence. Each table promises lasting quality and peak performance, making it perfect for nostalgia-filled matches or new foosball adventures. Give a centerpiece for cherished memories and thrilling goals for the holidays.

Foosball Blatt Custom & Semi Custom: Personalized Excellence on the Field

Blatt Billiards RS Barcelona MAX Foosball (indoor/outdoor).

Blatt Billiards RS Barcelona MAX Foosball (indoor/outdoor)

Elevate your foosball table experience with the distinct touch of Blatt Billiards’ Custom & Semi Custom collection. From design nuances to bespoke player figures, these aren’t just tables—they’re individual masterpieces tailored to echo personal style and elevate any space. Give a piece that transcends standard game equipment with Blatt Billiards, where every table tells a unique story.

Discover the perfect gift for the foosball enthusiast in our hand-curated collection. Immerse yourself in a realm where foosball fantasies become reality, where each match is elevated by our bespoke craftsmanship. Give a game experience that is not only thrilling but also distinctively personal with Blatt Billiards.

Blatt Economy Foosball Tables: Affordable Excellence, Uncompromised Play

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Tornado Elite Foosball.

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Tornado Elite Foosball

Introducing the Blatt Economy Foosball Table collection, where value meets the vibrant spirit of the game. Recognizing the love and passion players have for foosball, we’ve crafted a range that provides an exceptional gameplay experience at an accessible price point. Yet economical doesn’t mean ordinary; these tables ensure durability, smooth operation, and a design that complements any setting.

Our Economy Foosball tables, while budget-friendly, are infused with Blatt’s signature craftsmanship, ensuring a stylish fit for any setting. Whether giving a seasoned player or someone new to the thrill of foosball, these tables promise swift, strategic fun without compromising on quality. With Blatt Billiards, give endless hours of excitement and memories.

Shuffleboard & Shuffleboard Conversion Tables: Slide into Elegance with Blatt Billiards



Enter the realm of Shuffleboard Tables, where age-old tradition gracefully encounters modern design. Our collection of Shuffleboard and Shuffleboard Conversion Tables encapsulates the spirit of this beloved game—a perfect blend of skill, strategy, and the sheer joy of the slide. Crafted to perfection, each table mirrors our unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring pucks glide smoothly over a surface that’s as visually stunning as it is functional.

Perfect for gift-giving, these tables transition effortlessly from thrilling gameplay to a chic furnishing piece. Whether giving gifts to seasoned players or newcomers, our tables blend rich finishes with precision playfields, promising both aesthetic appeal and unmatched gaming. With Blatt Billiards, give a blend of functionality, artistry, and cherished memories.

Custom & Semi-Custom Shuffleboard Tables: Tailored Excellence with Every Slide

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Seaport Shuffleboard.

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Seaport Shuffleboard 

Step into the distinguished realm of Blatt Billiards’ Custom & Semi-Custom Shuffleboard Tables, where your vision and our craftsmanship converge to create unparalleled gaming masterpieces. These tables are more than just gaming equipment; they are a celebration of the intricate art of shuffleboard.

Our handcrafted shuffleboard tables blend impeccable aesthetics with flawless gameplay. With Blatt, give the privilege of customization, from wood choices to intricate designs. Our Custom & Semi-Custom Shuffleboard Tables not only enhance any space but promise a gaming experience wrapped in personalized luxury. Every slide becomes a testament to distinguished taste.

Economy Shuffleboard Tables: Quality Gameplay at Great Value

Economy Line Isaac Shuffleboard.

Economy Line Isaac Shuffleboard

Meet Blatt Billiards’ Economy Shuffleboard Table collection, where the classic allure of shuffleboard meets unbeatable value. Recognizing the diverse needs of our clientele, this range offers an exceptional shuffleboard experience that’s both accessible and uncompromised in quality. Each table, while economically priced, embodies the craftsmanship and design sensibilities that have become synonymous with the Blatt Billiards name.

Discover the allure of shuffleboard without stretching the budget with our curated gift guide. Blatt’s Economy Shuffleboard Tables guarantee consistent puck slides, marrying affordability with quality. Whether giving a seasoned player or a newcomer one of these gifts, our tables seamlessly fit any interior, ensuring the timeless fun of shuffleboard is accessible to all.

Air Hockey: Fast-Paced Fun with Blatt Billiards

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Williamsburg Air Hockey.

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Williamsburg Air Hockey

Dive into the electrifying world of Air Hockey with Blatt Billiards, where swift strikes and strategic plays meet top-tier craftsmanship. Air hockey is more than just a game; it’s a pulse-pounding experience that ignites the spirit of competition. Our collection captures this essence, offering tables that are not only high-performance arenas for gameplay, but also stunning pieces of art that enrich any game room.

By giving a Blatt Billiards’ Air Hockey table, you’re offering not just a game but an emblem of contemporary entertainment and boundless excitement. Perfect for casual fun or spirited competitions, our tables are the backdrop for memories in the making. Elevate game nights and let the competition soar!

Bumper Pool & Bumper Pool Conversion Tables: a Unique Spin on Classic Gameplay with Blatt Billiards

Blatt Billiards Bumper Pool Home.

Blatt Billiards Bumper Pool Home

Venture into the captivating world of Bumper Pool with Blatt Billiards, where the traditional pool experience is delightfully intertwined with a maze of obstacles, offering a fresh and exhilarating challenge. Bumper Pool, with its unique table layout and strategic gameplay, stands as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of billiards, bringing an added layer of excitement and skill to every shot.

Beyond gameplay, give the elegance of Blatt Billiards’ craftsmanship, where each table becomes a standout decor piece, enhancing any room’s ambiance. Give a blend of nostalgic gameplay and modern design, ensuring every game is a memorable one.

High-Quality Outdoor Game Tables: Elevate Your Alfresco Experiences with Blatt Billiards

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Long Beach Foosball (indoor/outdoor).

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Long Beach Foosball (indoor/outdoor)

Reimagine outdoor entertainment with Blatt Billiards’ exquisite collection of High-Quality Outdoor Game Tables. As the boundaries between indoor luxury and outdoor leisure continue to blur, our range stands at this intersection, offering the thrill of classic games amid the beauty of the great outdoors. Designed with resilience, these tables are crafted to withstand the elements, ensuring that neither sun nor rain dampens your gaming spirit.

With Blatt Billiards, you’re giving not just a table, but countless moments of joy under the sky. Elevate any outdoor gathering and celebrate the blend of spirited gameplay and nature’s charm. It’s more than just a game table; it’s an invitation to create memories in style.

Dart Cabinets: Precision Meets Elegance with Blatt Billiards

PRESIDENTIAL BILLIARDS Presidential Classic Gray Walnut Dartboard Cabinet.

PRESIDENTIAL BILLIARDS Presidential Classic Gray Walnut Dartboard Cabinet

Step into the world of darts with a touch of sophistication, courtesy of Blatt Billiards’ splendid Dart Cabinet collection. Far more than just a game, darts is an art of precision, focus, and strategy. Our cabinets enhance this experience, encasing a dartboard in a shield of elegance that perfectly complements the thrill of the game.

Discover the epitome of craftsmanship with our dartboard cabinet collection, an ideal gift for both seasoned players and casual enthusiasts. Each cabinet, carved from rich woods and adorned with detailed finishes, serves as both a protective casing for dartboards and a statement piece for any gaming space.

Designed to hold darts, chalk, and essentials neatly, it’s an all-in-one solution for dart aficionados. Give the luxury of precision and style, ensuring every game is played against a backdrop of Blatt Billiards’ unmatched design. Every aim and score becomes a testament to elegance.

Putting Green: Perfect Your Stroke with Blatt Billiards

Brunswick Billiards The MacDonald Putting Green.

Brunswick Billiards The MacDonald Putting Green

Delve into the refined world of golf from the coziness of home with Blatt Billiards’ Putting Green collection. Perfect for enthusiasts and beginners alike, these greens are masterfully designed to mimic authentic golf course feels. Their top-notch materials ensure a flawless roll, catering to the nuances of both seasoned golfers and those just starting.

Whether it’s for an elegant home setting, a relaxing office corner, or an outdoor space, our Putting Greens blend functionality with style. Give the experience of precision and leisure, and watch as every putt transports the recipient to their very own golf haven.

Festive Backgammon Sets: a Timeless Gift This Holiday Season

Blatt Billiards Island Travel Backgammon.

Blatt Billiards Island Travel Backgammon

Amid the shimmering lights and joyous carols, give the timeless game of strategy and chance: backgammon. Blatt Billiards presents a collection of Backgammon boards, handcrafted with precision and designed to delight. Each set captures the essence of the holiday spirit, making it an ideal gift for both the seasoned player and the curious novice.

With intricate detailing and premium materials, these backgammon sets aren't just game boards—they’re festive keepsakes. Let your loved ones unbox tradition, strategy, and festive cheer this holiday season with Blatt Billiards’ Backgammon sets.

Festive Chess Board Sets: Gift the Game of Kings this Winter

Blatt Billiards French Staunton Chessmen & Master Board.

Blatt Billiards French Staunton Chessmen & Master Board

As snowflakes dance and holiday melodies fill the air, present the age-old game of intellect and strategy: chess. Blatt Billiards unveils a collection of Chess Board Sets, meticulously crafted to blend tradition with elegance. Each board resonates with the warmth of the holidays, offering both the seasoned grandmaster and the budding enthusiast a unique festive experience.

Adorned with premium craftsmanship and exquisite details, these chess sets are not mere game boards—they’re holiday treasures. Give the magic of strategic battles and festive delight this season with Blatt Billiards’ Chess Board Sets.

Festive Domino Sets: Deck the Halls with Timeless Fun

Blatt Billiards Jumbo Double 6 Black Domino Set.

Blatt Billiards Jumbo Double 6 Black Domino Set

As the holidays draw near and twinkling lights shimmer, rekindle the joy of classic games with dominoes. Blatt Billiards presents an enchanting collection of Domino Sets, each piece carved with precision and an eye for detail. Wrapped in the spirit of the season, these sets evoke memories of cozy family gatherings around the fireplace.

They’re not just dominoes—they’re keepsakes, bound to spark joy and festive competition for years to come. This holiday, let the tiles fall and laughter rise with Blatt Billiards’ Domino Sets.

Festive Board Game Tables: Where Holiday Magic Meets Play

Blatt Billiards Tuttuno Backgammon/Mahjong Table Collection.

Blatt Billiards Tuttuno Backgammon/Mahjong Table Collection

As snowflakes blanket the outside world and warm lights glow indoors, gather your loved ones around a table that promises endless festive fun. Blatt Billiards presents a curated collection of Board Game Tables, designed for those cherishing both tradition and playful competition. Each table is a work of art, seamlessly blending functionality with festive flair.

This holiday season, let your board games come alive, surrounded by laughter and joy, on a table crafted with passion and the holiday spirit. Celebrate togetherness, play, and the magic of the season with Blatt Billiards’ Board Game Tables.

Cornhole Boards: Celebrate the Holidays with Every Toss!

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Corn Hole (indoor/outdoor).

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom Corn Hole (indoor/outdoor)

Amid the chilly breeze and twinkling lights, Blatt Billiards brings warmth and excitement to your holiday gatherings with its premium Cornhole Sets. Beautifully crafted and designed for merriment, each cornhole board captures the essence of festive celebrations, ensuring every toss is filled with cheer.

It’s more than just a game; it’s an opportunity to create heartwarming memories with loved ones this holiday season. So, get ready to challenge, laugh, and enjoy the spirited throws of the holiday.

In Stock and Ready to Ship Specials: Get Set to Play with Blatt Billiards

Blatt Select Isaac Dining Conference Pool Table.

Blatt Select Isaac Dining Conference Pool Table

In the fast-paced world of today, waiting can often be the hardest part. Recognizing the urgency of eager players and those looking to elevate their spaces swiftly, Blatt Billiards presents its “In Stock and Ready to Ship Specials.” This curated selection encompasses a range of exquisite game tables, pool tables, and accessories that are not just ready for immediate dispatch but also available at special rates.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect last-minute holiday gift, looking for a great Christmas gift sale, or simply don’t want to wait to dive into your next gaming adventure, our ready-to-ship specials have got you covered. Dive into a world of immediate gratification combined with enduring quality, and let the games commence without delay.

The added advantage? A quicker turnaround time to get your game started! Don’t wait! Explore our ready-to-ship collection now.

Choose Blatt Billiards for an Unmatched Game Table Experience

Game Tables from Blatt Billiards.

Navigating the perfect gift can be a journey, but our Holiday Gift Guide and the experts at Blatt Billiards are here to illuminate the path. Whether you’re searching for the perfect game table gift for men, family gift ideas, a custom poker setting for you, or any of our diverse game offerings, our collection promises both durability and elegance. We’re ready to guide you to that ideal present.

Whether it’s for a dedicated game enthusiast or someone seeking a stylish addition to their space, our collections promise to be the gift that keeps on giving. Elevate special occasions and etch memories that echo with joy and timeless gameplay, all wrapped up in the unmatched excellence of Blatt Billiards.

If you’re wondering where to buy game tables this year, come see us in person and embark on your game table journey today! Visit our showrooms to touch, feel, and envision how these masterpieces can transform any gaming experience. We’re located in New York City, New Jersey, and Los Angeles.

Happy Holidays from Blatt Billiards!