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Blatt Billiards Pool Table Gift Ideas for the Holidays

by David Roeder |

As the holiday season approaches, the quest for the perfect gift begins. Welcome to the Blatt Billiards Pool Table 2024 Holiday Gift Guide, your definitive source for giving an enduring statement of luxury and craftsmanship. Throughout our storied history, Blatt Billiards has come to symbolize the zenith of artistry, craftsmanship, and peerless quality. More than just tools of recreation, our pool tables are emblematic of opulence, precision, and time-honored traditions. Each of our custom tables is a chapter of a rich tale, a fusion of historic elegance with cutting-edge design, inviting not just gameplay, but admiration.

For the discerning billiards enthusiast or the one aiming to gift an heirloom that’s destined to be treasured across generations, our handpicked selection promises to guide you to the epitome of our craft. Immerse yourself in the realm of splendid woodwork, meticulous designs, and the unmatched craftsmanship emblematic of Blatt Billiards. This festive season, let us accompany you on a journey to discover the pool table that aligns seamlessly with your aesthetic, space, and dreams.

Blatt Billiards’ Custom Pool Tables: Truly Timeless Unique Gifts

Blatt select the penelope dining conference pool table

Blatt Select The Penelope Dining Conference Pool Table

In the spirit of the holidays, consider a gift idea for pool players that takes on a deeper meaning. At Blatt Billiards, our custom pool tables stand as testament to this sentiment. More than mere game equipment, these tables are handcrafted masterpieces designed to mirror individual passions, seamlessly intertwining functionality with bespoke aesthetics. Each piece in our holiday collection captures a distinct narrative, echoing the owner’s unique character and style. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship is evident in the intricate details, from the choice of materials to the finesse of each curve.

These aren’t just artistic marvels; they promise unparalleled precision for every game played. These tables aren’t fleeting purchases; they’re investments into lasting legacies, perfect for becoming treasured heirlooms. This festive season, whether you’re drawn to our signature designs or have a distinct vision, our offerings promise to make each game a cherished memory. Discover the Holiday Magic with Blatt Custom Pool Tables.

The Contemporary Collection: Dive into Modern Elegance

Blatt billiards custom blatt custom 7th ave pool table

Blatt Billiards Custom Blatt Custom 7th Ave Pool Table

This holiday season, immerse yourself in the epitome of modern elegance with the Blatt Contemporary Collection. Marrying cutting-edge design with our storied craftsmanship, each table stands as a testament to sophistication, destined to become the focal point of any modern entertainment space. Precision gameplay seamlessly melds with avant-garde aesthetics, ensuring that these tables are not just centerpieces but the heart of every gathering.

As you seek the perfect holiday billiards gift or the next treasure for your home, let the Blatt Contemporary Collection guide you. Dive into a world where contemporary design meets timeless tradition, and let every game played be an event to remember.

Blatt Tradition Custom Elite Collection: a Festive Feature

Blatt billiards full custom bbc york restored bbc 85 york pool table

Blatt Billiards Full Custom BBC York - Restored BBC 8.5 York Pool Table

Embrace the essence of time-honored craftsmanship this holiday season with the Blatt Tradition Collection. Each table in this range is a reflection of our rich legacy, encapsulating centuries of billiards artistry and tradition. Designed to resonate with classic aesthetics, these tables are more than just game equipment; they are heirlooms, narrating stories of past, present, and future.

As you embark on your festive shopping journey or seek to add a touch of classic elegance to your space, the Blatt Tradition Collection awaits. Delve into a realm where age-old craftsmanship meets today’s discerning tastes, ensuring every match played is steeped in history and class.

Antique Restoration Pool Table: a Yuletide Treasure

Blatt billiards vitalie monarch classic pool tables

Blatt Billiards Vitalie Monarch Classic Pool Tables

Step back in time this festive season with the Blatt Antique Restoration Pool Table Collection. Every table in this collection is a relic, painstakingly restored to its former glory, fusing history with the precision of today’s craftsmanship. These aren’t just pool tables; they’re time capsules, offering billiard players a unique journey through the annals of billiards.

As the holidays beckon, consider gifting a piece of history or adding a timeless centerpiece to your space. With the Blatt Antique Restoration Collection, you’re not just acquiring a pool table; you’re embracing a story, a tradition, and a legacy. Experience the charm of yesteryears paired with modern-day expertise this holiday season.

Dining / Conversion Pool Table: a Dual Delight

Blatt select bedrock dining conference pool table

Blatt Select Bedrock Dining Conference Pool Table

Infuse versatility and elegance into your festivities with the Blatt Dining/Conversion Pool Table Collection. These masterpieces are the epitome of functional luxury, effortlessly transitioning from a stylish dining table to a top-tier billiards platform. Celebrate the holidays with a feast, and then clear the dishes for a game of pool—all on the same exquisite piece.

As you curate memories this holiday season, let our Dining/Conversion Pool Tables play a central role. Perfect for those who value both form and function, these tables are a testament to Blatt’s commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. Elevate your festive gatherings with a touch of multifunctional opulence.

Rustic Pool Tables: a Cozy Charm

Blatt full custom contemporary pool vasse

Blatt Full Custom Contemporary Pool Vasse

Warm up your holidays with the charm of the Blatt Rustic Pool Table Collection. Evoking memories of cozy cabins, roaring fires, and timeless traditions, these tables bring a touch of the countryside right into your game room. Crafted with a nod to nature and an emphasis on raw, organic beauty, each table is a unique blend of rugged allure and Blatt’s hallmark precision.

As the festive season unfolds, consider the rustic elegance of these pool tables to either grant a slice of pastoral serenity to someone else or enhance your own space with natural beauty. Dive into a collection where the nostalgia of the old world meets the finesse of modern craftsmanship, making each game a cozy, memorable affair.

Outdoor Pool Tables: a Winter Wonderland

Blatt economy line esterno outdoor pool table

Blatt Economy Line Esterno Outdoor Pool Table

Elevate your open-air festivities with Blatt’s Outdoor Pool Table Collection. Designed to withstand the elements while retaining the elegance and precision Blatt Billiards is renowned for, these tables are your ticket to merging the thrill of the game with the beauty of the outdoors. Sunlit afternoons or starry evenings, transform any outdoor setting into a premium billiards arena.

This holiday season, give the joy of outdoor recreation or redefine your patio, backyard, or terrace with a touch of Blatt’s excellence. Venture into a collection that’s built for nature, ensuring every game played under the vast sky is a celebration in itself.

Bumper Pool & Bumper Pool Dining/Poker Tables: the Holiday Triple Treat

Blatt billiards tiger cat bumper pool table

Blatt Billiards Tiger Cat Bumper Pool table

Dive into multifaceted entertainment this festive season with Blatt’s Bumper Pool & Bumper Pool Dining/Poker Collection. A symphony of versatility and expert craftsmanship, these tables cater to the billiards enthusiast, the dinner party host, and the poker night aficionado, all in one. Seamlessly transition from an intense game of bumper pool to a hearty meal or a spirited poker game, all on one elegant platform.

Give the joy of endless entertainment options this holiday, or enhance your entertainment space with a piece that’s as functional as it is stunning. Discover a collection that’s not just about playing a game but relishing a spectrum of experiences, all wrapped in Blatt’s signature elegance.

Blatt Marble Pool Tables: a Luxe Holiday Gem

Blatt billiards full custom quadra marble pool table

Blatt Billiards Full Custom Quadra Marble Pool Table

Step into a realm of unparalleled luxury this festive season with Blatt’s Marble Pool Table Collection. Meticulously crafted from exquisite marble, each table is a statement piece, reflecting opulence and precision in every inch. Beyond their striking appearance, these tables promise a gameplay experience that’s smooth, elegant, and undeniably lavish.

Whether you’re looking to give a touch of grandeur or aiming to elevate your own space to the pinnacle of luxury, our Marble Pool Tables offer a sublime fusion of artistry and function. This holiday season, delve into a collection where the majesty of natural stone meets the legacy of Blatt’s unmatched craftsmanship, ensuring every game played feels like an event of regal significance.

Blatt Semi Custom & Economy Pool Tables: Festive Finery

Semi custom contemporary pool imagine parsons dining conference pool table

Semi Custom Contemporary Pool Imagine Parsons Dining Conference Pool Table


Celebrate the holidays with the perfect balance of style, craftsmanship, and affordability in Blatt’s Semi Custom & Economy Pool Table Collection. These tables embody the essence of Blatt Billiards’ renowned quality, tailored for those seeking both elegance and value. Each piece seamlessly blends functionality with design, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on the Blatt experience, irrespective of budget.

Give a touch of Blatt elegance or curate memories in your home with a piece from this diverse collection. This festive season, explore tables that offer a harmonious blend of Blatt’s traditional craftsmanship with contemporary needs, ensuring every match is played on a table that resonates with both style and affordability.

Blatt Contemporary: A Festive Blatt Holiday!

Brunswick billiards sanibel rustic pool tables

Brunswick Billiards Sanibel Rustic Pool Tables

This holiday season, let modern elegance take center stage with Blatt’s Contemporary Pool Table Collection. These tables are the epitome of cutting-edge design, seamlessly infused with the unmatched craftsmanship that Blatt Billiards is celebrated for. Sculpted with clean lines, innovative features, and a nod to current design trends, they promise to be the modern marvels of any entertainment space.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect standout gift or aiming to bring a fresh touch to your game room, our Contemporary Collection offers a captivating blend of the here and now. Dive into a world where the future of billiards shines bright, ensuring each game played is a testament to modern style and timeless tradition.

Blatt Tradition: Timeless Holiday Elegance

Presidential billiards carter pool table


Embrace the enchanting allure of yesteryears this festive season with Blatt’s Tradition Pool Table Collection. These tables are a tribute to the golden age of billiards, exuding an elegance that transcends time. Each piece is a harmonious blend of age-old artistry and Blatt Billiards’ renowned craftsmanship, capturing the essence of classic billiard room charm.

As the snow falls and holiday songs play, consider giving a piece steeped in rich history or adding a timeless touch to your festive setting. With the Tradition Collection, you’re inviting not just a table but a legacy into your home. Revel in the classics this holiday season, where each game played is a nostalgic journey filled with grace and grandeur.

Dining Conversion Tables: Festive Feasts and Fun for Everyone

Blatt select isaac dining conference pool table

Blatt Select Isaac Dining Conference Pool Table

Infuse your festive celebrations with a blend of gourmet feasts and spirited games with Blatt’s Dining Conversion Tables Collection. A masterstroke of design and utility, these tables offer the dual magic of a refined dining experience and an exhilarating billiards match, all on the same surface. It’s where fine dining meets the thrill of the game, creating moments that are as memorable as they are multifaceted.

As you deck the halls and prepare for holiday gatherings, consider the gift of versatility or the addition of a centerpiece that transforms to fit the moment. Dive into a collection that showcases Blatt’s innovative spirit, ensuring your holidays are filled with laughter, toasts, and the perfect shot, all around one table.

Rustic Pool Tables: Bring on The Cozy Charm

Semi custom contemporary pool soho dining conference pool table

Semi Custom Contemporary Pool Soho Dining Conference Pool Table

Transport your festive celebrations to a realm where the raw charm of industry meets the cozy embrace of rusticity with Blatt's Rustic Pool Tables Collection. These tables are a vivid showcase of rugged aesthetics combined with Blatt Billiards’ signature craftsmanship. With exposed metals, weathered woods, and an aura of bygone eras, each piece is a striking marriage of the industrial and the pastoral.

As the holiday spirit envelops your home, think of giving or acquiring a table that tells tales of old factories, serene countryside, and the timeless game of billiards. Embrace a collection that’s as much about texture and story as it is about precision and play, ensuring your festive games are set against a backdrop of intriguing contrasts and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Blatt Consignment Pool Tables

Blatt billiards union league pool table

Blatt Billiards Union League Pool Table

Rediscover cherished classics this holiday season with Blatt’s Consignment Pool Tables Collection. These tables, having graced game rooms and seen countless matches, are now curated and restored to their former glory, awaiting a new home. Each table in this collection carries with it tales of games past, blending nostalgia with Blatt Billiards’ stamp of quality and precision.

Whether you’re looking for a piece with a story to tell or hoping to give a beloved table a second act in a new setting, our consignment collection offers a journey through time, paired with the assurance of Blatt’s craftsmanship. This festive season, embrace tables that come with their own legacy, ensuring each game played is layered with memories and history.

Blatt’s Festive Quick Picks: the “In Stock and Ready to Ship Specials” Collection

Presidential billiards grant dining conference pool table

PRESIDENTIAL BILLIARDS Grant Dining Conference Pool Table

For those moments when time is of the essence, but you refuse to compromise on quality, Blatt's “In Stock and Ready to Ship Specials” Collection is your go-to holiday solution. Handpicked and prepared with the same dedication and craftsmanship synonymous with Blatt Billiards, these tables are set to elevate your festive moments without a wait.

Whether you’re making last-minute holiday preparations or seeking a swift, seamless gift-giving option, our ready-to-ship collection offers the best of Blatt’s elegance on an expedited timeline. Dive into a curated selection that promises immediate gratification without sacrificing the luxury and artistry you’ve come to expect. This holiday season, why wait? With Blatt, excellence is always ready to make its mark.

A Holiday Note from Blatt Billiards

Presidential billiards carter pool table


As the festive season unfolds and homes come alive with warmth, joy, and laughter, there’s no better gift than moments of togetherness. At Blatt Billiards, we believe in curating these moments around our meticulously crafted pool tables. Each table in our Holiday Gift Guide for 2024, whether a timeless classic or a contemporary marvel, is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a vessel of memories, an heirloom in the making, and a centerpiece for countless celebrations.

If you’re still contemplating the perfect choice for that person who plays pool, looking for family gift ideas or perfect gifts for men, we invite you to experience our collections firsthand. Come visit our showrooms in New York City, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, where you can see, touch, and feel the essence of Blatt Billiards. Our experts await, ready to guide you through your selection, ensuring your holiday purchase becomes an enduring part of your family’s traditions.

Remember, the joy of the holidays isn’t just in the giving; it’s in the shared moments around the gifts we choose. At Blatt Billiards, we’re honored to be a part of those cherished memories. Here’s to a festive season filled with laughter, spectacular shots, and unforgettable games!

Happy Holidays from the Blatt Billiards family to yours.