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Blatt Restored Antiques

Antique pool tables. Restored to full glory.

Largest Collection In The World

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Our family still does things the old-fashioned way. We custom build our new tables using the same labor-intensive craftsmanship as they did in the 1800’s. Why? Because the old ways are still the best ways.

And the old tables are still some of the best tables. We spend as much love and care restoring vintage tables as we do creating our own modern-day masterpieces.

The result? Flawless reincarnations of the glamorous designs of the past, all finished to the Billiards Congress of America’s specifications and playability requirements. When we have finished, a century-old piece of gaming furniture stands ready to deliver another 100 years worth of family fun and memories.

The World's Largest Collection of Rare and Antique Pool Tables.