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A-Frame Shuffleboard - Blatt Billiards
A-Frame Shuffleboard - Blatt Billiards
A-Frame Shuffleboard - Blatt Billiards
A-Frame Shuffleboard - Blatt Billiards
A-Frame Shuffleboard - Blatt Billiards

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom

A-Frame Shuffleboard


Custom Built To Order: 8-12 Weeks (Rush Orders or Deadlines Available For Review)

Removable Leg Design Only Offered.

This table is part of our "District" collection.


Frame: Metalwork and welding is done in-house, which gives us total control over the design and build of our tables. The A-frame is constructed with our A-shaped legs, uniquely designed and punched from high strength steel. The bottom of the legs are threaded to allow for leveling feet.

  • Length 8′, 9′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18', 20', 22'
  • Width 28"
  • Height 31"

Gutters: We use 8 ounce chocolate dyed leather hides to line the shuffleboard gutter. Every hide is sourced from US cattle and processed at American tanneries. The leather is cut and stitched in downtown Los Angeles.

  • Gutter Depth: 1.6 inches
  • Side Gutter Width: 4 inches
  • End Gutter Width: 5 inches.

Playing Surface: 20" Wide Constructed from Oak or Walnut. Every one of our playing surfaces is unique and custom manufactured to order.


        Steel, Wood Playfield


        As Shown

        This shuffleboard table is a large one piece frame table, it does not break down. Upon order, customer confirms the installers have a straight path to the installation room. Custom item, no returns.


        We service a wide variety of customers from celebrities to interior designers to business owners to luxury homeowners, we deliver an unparalleled level of service that has set the standard in the billiards industry and it has set the bar high.

        Beyond simple order taking, we are passionate about offering our customers the luxury of our insight and happily share decades of our knowledge with our customers, consulting with them and helping them choose the best models to best fit their needs. Our warranty is our guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.