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Classic - Blatt Billiards
Classic - Blatt Billiards
Classic - Blatt Billiards
Classic - Blatt Billiards
Classic - Blatt Billiards
Classic - Blatt Billiards

The Heritage by Olhausen Billiards is inspired by original antique/art-deco style piece such as the Brunswick Anniversary and Centennial. A classic look, with aluminum accents, and apron lines (wood or aluminum).


  • Custom Built To Order In 12-18 Weeks (May Vary)
  • 8 Foot: 57" x 101" (Ball Play Area: 44" x 88")
  • 9 Foot: 63" x 113" (Ball Play Area: 50" x 100")
  • 32" Height
  • Standard In Maple Wood (Upcharge For White Oak or Walnut)
  • Custom Wood Stain Finish Selection
  • Corner Castings and Leg Base Casting: Veneered Aluminum 
  • Apron Strip Options: Routed Maple Wood (Standard), No Routings, Finished Routings
  • Internal Leather Drop Pockets
  • Playing Cloth

Blatt Billiards Cloth  Simonis Cloth

  • Diamond or Round Mother Of Pearl (Inquire About Alternative Styles)
  • 1" Three Piece Slate
  • BBOB

Blatt Billiards New Jersey staff


We service a wide variety of customers from celebrities to interior designers to business owners to luxury homeowners, we deliver an unparalleled level of service that has set the standard in the billiards industry and it has set the bar high.

Beyond simple order taking, we are passionate about offering our customers the luxury of our insight and happily share decades of our knowledge with our customers, consulting with them and helping them choose the best models to best fit their needs. Our warranty is our guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.

Classic - Blatt Billiards