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Beacon Parsons - Blatt Billiards
Beacon Parsons - Blatt Billiards
Beacon Parsons - Blatt Billiards
Beacon Parsons - Blatt Billiards
Beacon Parsons - Blatt Billiards

Blatt Billiards Semi Custom

Beacon Parsons

Dining Conference Pool Table

Handcrafted To Order: 14-20 Weeks (Rush or Deadline Orders Available Upon Review) 

The improbable balance between form and finish, between purity and asperity, between yesterday and today. We made a modern and minimalist realization requiring all the know-how of our best craftsmen. An eminently contemporary work, supported by its rustic finish, characteristic of red pine.  Available with optional multi-use dining or conversion tops.

Outside Dimensions (With Internal Drop Pockets)

Click Here For Room Size Guidance Chart

  • 7': 52" x 91"
  • 8': 58" x 103"
  • 9': 64" x 115"
  • Height: 32"

Dining Top Dimensions (Storage Dolly Included)

  • 6': 4 Leaves, 19.25" Wide x 44.5" Long x 1" Thick, 21 lbs each
  • 7': 4 Leaves, 22.25" Wide x 50.5"  Long x 1" Thick, 28 lbs each
  • 8': 5 Leaves, 20" Wide x 56.5" Long x 1" Thick, 29 lbs each
  • 9': 5 Leaves, 22.5" Wide x 62.5" Long x 1" Thick, 37 lbs each
  • Storage Dolly: 20" Wide x 16" Depth x 42" High

        Playing Area

        • 7': 38" x 76"
        • 8': 44" X 88"
        • 9': 50" x 100"

          Woods & Materials

          Standard Wood: Red Pine

          Pockets (Hand-sewn & Dyed)

          Internal Drop Pockets: Black, Brown or White
          Equipment Storage Drawer (Upcharge)

          Playing Cloth

          Blatt Billiards Cloth  Simonis Cloth

          Rail Sights

          Rustic Sights


          1" Three Piece Slate


          See Standard Satin Finishes Below

          Matching Seating & Furniture 


          Blatt Billiards New Jersey staff


          We service a wide variety of customers from celebrities to interior designers to business owners to luxury homeowners, we deliver an unparalleled level of service that has set the standard in the billiards industry and it has set the bar high.

          Beyond simple order taking, we are passionate about offering our customers the luxury of our insight and happily share decades of our knowledge with our customers, consulting with them and helping them choose the best models to best fit their needs. Our warranty is our guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.

          Beacon Parsons - Blatt Billiards

          Beacon Parsons