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How to Rack Pool Balls Like a Pro

by Brian Roeder |

Before you can play pool, you need to be able to rack pool balls correctly on the table. When you place the balls on the table before a game, this is referred to as racking the balls. Racking is another pool skill you need to learn and practice.

There are different styles and ways to rack pool balls depending on the pool game or billiard game being played. Each game variation can have its own specific placement and method to rack the balls.

For beginners, it is ideal to learn how to set up a pool table and how to properly rack pool balls for several pool game variations, including straight pool, eight-ball, nine-ball, and ten-ball.

What Is a Pool Rack?

Pool balls in triangle.

A pool rack is an essential piece of pool equipment you need to rack the balls on the pool table for a proper pool setup. Racks can be made from different materials, such as plastic, aluminum, steel,  walnut, oak, mahogany woods and even carbon fiber.

Pool racks come in two different configurations:

The rack configuration you use will depend on the pool game you are playing.

Why Does Racking the Balls Matter?

Pool balls in triangle.

The quality of your rack is vital to the overall game. If your rack is loose, the break will not be as tight and concise as you want it to be. As such, you can end up with a break that could ultimately set up a cluster of simple shots for your opponent.

This is why you will notice that skilled players and professionals always insist on a tight rack. The tighter the rack, the more difficult it is for the person breaking. Essentially, the best defense for the player not breaking is to verify the rack is as tight as possible.

Racking the Balls for Straight Pool

Billiard balls on the table with a cue.

Straight pool is where players agree on a number of points before the start of the game. One point is awarded for each ball sunk in a pocket on the pool table. To set up a game of straight pool, place the triangle rack on the table where the marker is located. Next, randomly place the balls inside the rack.

The order does not matter. However, some players prefer the one ball to be placed on the foot over the marker, with the five ball on the back left corner. After the initial fourteen balls are pocketed, the triangle rack is placed back on the table over the marker.

If the fifteenth ball is outside the rack, it is not re-racked. If it is inside the rack, then it is re-racked with the other fourteen balls. Continue playing and re-racking as needed until the agreed-upon point total is reached.

Racking the Balls for Eight-Ball

Billiard balls in triangle on table.

Eight-ball pool is the type of pool game most people are familiar with because the eight ball—the black ball—is the last ball to be pocketed. When learning how to rack 8-ball pool, start by using the triangle rack. Then place the one ball over the market on the pool table.

Place a solid ball in one corner and a striped ball in the other corner of the triangle. The rest of the balls, except for the eight ball, are placed randomly. The eight ball should be placed in the middle of the third row.

Racking the Balls for Nine-Ball

Diamond shape of 9-ball pool balls.

Nine-ball pool uses the diamond-shaped rack and only uses balls numbered from one to nine. Start off by placing the one ball at the apex—the spot over the marker on the pool table. All the other balls are placed randomly, except for the nine ball.

The nine ball is placed in the center of the rack, the middle of the third row. The object of nine ball is to pocket the nine ball last.

Racking the Balls for Ten-Ball

Ten ball in a basket.

Ten-ball pool uses balls numbered from one to ten. The object is to pocket the ten ball last.

To rack the balls properly, you must use the triangular rack. Position the one ball at the apex, directly over the marker on the pool table. Randomly place the remaining balls, making sure the ten ball is positioned in the center of the third row.

To achieve a tight enough rack for ten-ball pool, start by placing all fifteen balls in the rack during setup. Once you remove the triangle, carefully remove the eleven through fifteen balls from the table.

How to Ensure a Tight Rack

Blatt Billiards pool racks.

Learning how to ensure balls are tightly packed requires some practice. After you have the balls racked for the type of pool game or billiard game you are playing, carefully slide the rack forward and then backward while lining up the apex ball over the marker on the pool table.

Next, slide your fingers behind the back of the triangle rack and push the balls forward. For nine-ball, slide your fingers on the bottom sides of the diamond rack while moving the balls forward. Once the balls look tight and there are no gaps in between, carefully remove your fingers. Last, very slowly remove the rack from the pool table.

Now that you know how to rack pool balls, it will not be too long before you are racking the balls like a pro.

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